HE5 Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound (Korea, 1969)

Egon Stones Throw December 23, 2008

HE5 <i>Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound</i> (Korea, 1969) “Can you link to this so the $--- I spent on this record will give someone some psychedelic Christmas cheer?” - Egon

I can’t front. When it comes to Korean Christmas records, my man Cut Chemist has me beat. He returned from Seoul earlier this year with some insane Christmas Carol record that contained possibly the funkiest track I’ve ever heard on a Korean record (Though my man Jason up in Toronto has been hipping me to some that sound incredible in their own rights, I haven’t heard ‘em yet).

But I had to get up in the Christmas mix myself (I was getting tired of playing the James Brown Soulful Christmas album and David Axelrod’s Messiah around the folks’ place every December) so I bought the He 5’s Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound for Xmas ‘07 rotation.

Read about and listen to an MP3 of HE5's Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound over at the Now-Again website.