J Dilla / Jay Dee Discography
Artist/Group Releases
1st Down - A Day Wit The Homiez, 12-inch single (1995) Pay Day Records
Slum Village - Fan-Tas-Tic, 12-inch single (1996)
Slum Village - Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol. 1), Album (1996) Donut Boy Recordings, (1997) Sudden Impact, (2006) Barak
Slum Village - We Be Down 12-inch single (1997) Sudden Impact
Jay Dee - Jay Dee Unreleased Remixes, EP (1997) House Shoes Records
Slum Village - Somethin' For The People, All I Do (Remix) from All I Do 12-inch single (1997) WB
J-88 - Look Of Love (Remix) 12-inch single (1999) Groove Attack
Slum Village - Get This Money, 12-inch single (1999) INTERSCOPE
Slum Village -
Fantastic Vol. 2, Album (2000) Goodvibe (2002) Capitol (2010) Barak
Slum Village - Fall In Love (Remix), 12-inch single (2000) Goodvibe
Slum Village - Cimax/CB4, 12-inch single (2000) Goodvibe
J-88 - Best Kept Secret, EP (2000) Groove Attack
Jay Dee - Fuck The Police/Move, feat. Frank N Dank, 12-inch single (2001) Up Above
Jay Dee feat. Frank-N-Dank - Pause, 12-inch single (2001) BBE
Jay Dee - Welcome 2 Detroit, Album (2001) BBE
1st Down - A Day Wit The Homiez, Album (2002) RonnieCash.com
Jay Dee - Instrumental Series Vol 1, EP (2002) Bling 47
Jay Dee feat. Frank N Dank - Take Dem Clothes Off/Off Ya Chest, 12-inch single (2002) ABB
Jaylib - The Message, from Stones Throw Summer 2002 EP (2002) Stones Throw
Jay Dee - Instrumental Series Vol.2: Vintage Album (2003) Bling 47
Jay Dee - Ruff Draft, EP (2003) Mummy/Groove Attack
Jaylib - The Red/The Official, 12-inch single (2003) Stones Throw
Jaylib -
Champion Sound, 12-inch single (2003) Stones Throw
Jaylib -
Champion Sound, Album (2003), and Champion Sound Instrumentals (2004) Stones Throw
Jaylib - Raw Addict/Ice, 12-inch single (2003) Stones Throw
Jaylib - McNasty Filth, 12-inch/CD (2004) Stones Throw
Jaylib - Popshit, from Stones Throw 100, EP (2004) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit Instrumentals (2005) BBE
J Dilla - Donuts: J Rocc's Picks, EP (2005) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Signs, 7-inch single (2006) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Donuts, Album (2006) Stones Throw
J Dilla - The Shining, Album (2006) BBE
J Dilla - The Shining EP, 12-inch single (2006) BBE
J Dilla - The Shining (Instrumentals) (2006) BBE
Jaylib - No $ No Toke from Chrome Children, Album (2006) Stones Throw
Jaylib - No $ No Toke, 12-inch single (2006) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Won't Do, EP (2007) BBE
J Dilla - Wild, 12-inch single (2007) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Ruff Draft, Album (2007) Stones Throw
J Dilla - Dirty Crushin, 7-inch single (2007) Stones Throw
Note: The recordings listed above were created during the artist's lifetime. We have not yet listed other posthumous works attributed to J Dilla.

MC (Not producer)
Tami Hert - If You Were Mine (Detroit Demolition Mix) 12-inch single (1997) 550 Music
v/a - Fight Club, feat. Dilla, Nottz & Boogie from Best Kept Secret Mix, Album (2003) Bling 47
Dabrye - Game Over 12-inch single (2004) Ghostly International
Wale Oyejide - There's A War Going On 12-inch single (2004) Shaman Work
Wale Oyejide - There's A War Going On from One Day, Everything Changed, Album (2004) Shaman Work
Slum Village - Reunion from Detroit Deli, Album (2004) Barak/Capitol
Pete Rock - Niggaz Know from Soul Survivor II, Album (2004) Rapster /BBE
v/a - Do Your Thang, Stupid from BR Gunna Presents Dirty District Vol. 2, Album (2004) Barak
Phat Kat - Door from The Undeniable LP New Version, Album (2004) Barak
Lawless Element - Love, 12-inch single (2005) BABYGRANDE
Lawless Element - Love, from Soundvision: In Stereo, Album (2005) BABYGRANDE
Platinum Pied Pipers - Act Like You Know, 12-inch single (2005) Ubiquity
Platinum Pied Pipers - Shotgun, Act Like You Know, from Triple P, Album (2005) Ubiquity
Sa-Ra - Thrilla, 12-inch single (2005) Sound in Color
Sa-Ra -
Thrilla, from The Hollywood Recordings (2007) BABYGRANDE
Diamond - We Gangstas, from Diamond Mine, Album (2005)
Platinum Pied Pipers - Shotgun (Remix) from 12-inch single (2005) Ubiquity
J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix), Make 'Em NV (Madlib Remix) from Hella International 12-inch single (2007) Stones Throw

Production Credits: 1995
Da Enna C - NOW from Throw Ya Hands In Da Air, 12-inch single (1994) Up Top
Little Indian - One Little Indian, 12-inch single (1995) Premeditated
Poe - Fingertips from Hello, Album (1995) WEA/Atlantic

Production Credits: 1996
5-Elementz - Whutchawant, Feed Back, Rockshows, Party Groove, Janet Jacme, E.G.O., Don't Stop, Searchin from The, Album Time Forgot cassette (1996) That Was Entertainment
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again, Get A Hold, Keeping It Moving, Stressed Out, Word Play from Beat, Rhymes, & Life, Album (1996) Jive Records
AZ - When The Cheering Stops from NFL Jams (1996) Castle
Busta Rhymes - Keep It Movin', Still Shinin' from The Coming, Album (1996) Elektra
Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah!! (Jay-Dee Bounce Remix), Woo-Hah!! (Jay-Dee Other Shit Remix), 12-inch (1996) Elektra
Busta Rhymes - It's a Party (Ummah Remix), Ill Vibe (Ummah Remix), 12-inch single (1996) Elektra
De La Soul - Stakes Is High from Stakes Is High, Album (1996) Tommy Boy
De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Remix) from Itzsoweezee , 12-inch single (1996) Tommy Boy
Mad Skillz - It's Going Down, The Jam from From Where??? (1996) Big Beat
Kieth Murray - The Rhyme (Remix), Dangerous Ground from Enigma (1996) Jive
Natives Of Da Underground - Pack Da Hous/Brotha's Juss Don't Know/Whatcha Gonna Do?, 12-inch single (1996) ALR
Phife Dawg - Game Day from NFL Jams (1996) Castle
Proof - Da Science from Detroit Hip Hop Volume 1 (1996) Modern Tribe
Proof - Vibe Session from Anywhere, 12-inch single (1996) Hip Hop Shop
Tha Pharcyde - Runnin', Bullshit, Splatittorium, Somethin' That Means Somethin', Drop, Y? from Labcabincalifornia, Album (1996) Delicious Vinyl

Production Credits: 1997
5-Elementz - Sun Flower from Yester Years, cassette EP (1997) That Was Entertainment
A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold, Mardi Gras At Midnight from Jam, EP (1997) Jive Records
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (Ummah Remix) from Sometimes , 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Busta Rhymes - So Hardcore from When Disaster Strikes, Album (1997) Elektra
Mint Condition - Let Me Be The One (Ummah Remix), 12-inch single (1997) Perspective
Crustation - Purple (ATCQ Edit), 12-inch single (1997) Zomba
Janet Jackson - Got Til It's Gone (Ummah Jay Dee Revenge Mix), 12-inch single (1997) Virgin
Something for the People - All I Do (Jay Dee's Sh**! Mix) feat. Phife Dawg 12-inch single Warner Bros
T Da Pimp - Why You Lookin Hard?/We Know We Rockit, 12-inch single (1997) Penmp
Tha Pharcyde - She Said (Remix), 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Tha Pharcyde - Runnin (Remix), Y? (Remix) from Drop, 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Truz - True Dawgs/Routes To Hell, 12-inch single (1997) Ad Fam

Production Credits: 1998
A Tribe Called Quest - 4 Moms, Against The World, Busta's Lament, Da Booty, Find A Way, His Name Is Mutty Ranks, Start It Up, Steppin' It Up from The Love Movement, Album (1998) Jive Records
A Tribe Called Quest - That Shit from Funkmaster Flex Vol. 3, Album (1998) Loud Records
Bizarre - Butterfly from Attack of the Wierdos, EP (1998) Federation
Mood - Secrets Of The Sand (Remix) from Snake Backs , 12-inch single (1998) Blunt
N'Dea Davenport - Bullshittin (Remix) from N'Dea Davenport, Album (1998) V2

Production Credits: 1999
5 Ela - You Ain't Fresh, Ain't No Love from 5-E Pt. 3 (1999) That Was Entertainment
Brand New Heavies - Saturday Night (Jay Dee Remix) from Saturday Night, 12-inch single (1999) Delicious Vinyl
Heavy D - Listen from Heavy, Album (1999) Universal
Macy Gray - I Try (Remix), 12-inch single (1999) Epic
Nine Yards - Always Find A Way (Remix) 12-inch single (1999) Virgin
Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers 12-inch single (1999) House Shoes Recordings
Phife Dawg -
Bend Ova/Thought U Wuz Nic, 12-inch single (1999) Groove Attack
Que D - Underestimated, Supa Shit, Kilo, Cash Flow, Michelle, Rock Box, Don't Stop from Quite Delicious cassette (1999) and Que D Limited Edition, Album (2003) Royal Flyness
Q-Tip - 11 tracks from Amplified, Album (1999) Arista
- 11 tracks from Amplified (Instrumental Version) (1999) Arista - Promo
The Roots - Dynamite from Things Fall Apart, Album (1999) MCA
The Roots - New Year's @ Jay Dee's from You Got Me CD single (1999) MCA
Zooco - Butterfly from Glow-Mellow-Flow, Album (1999) Columbia Japan

Production Credits: 2000
Black Star - Little Brother from The Hurricane (Soundtrack), Album (2000) MCA
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (Remix), Saturday Night (Remix) from Trunk Funk Classics, Album (2000) Delicious Vinyl
Busta Rhymes - Enjoy Da Ride, Live It Up, Show Me What You Got from Anarchy, Album (2000) Elektra
Common - 10 tracks from Like Water For Chocolate, Album (2000) MCA
- 10 tracks from Like Water For Chocolate Instrumentals (2000) MCA
Common - The Light, 12-inch single (2000) MCA–UK
Common - The Light (Remix) from Bamboozled Soundtrack, Album (2000) Motown
De La Soul - Thru Ya City from Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, Album (2000) Tommy Boy
Erykah Badu - Cleva, My Life, Didn't Cha Know, Kiss Me On My Neck from Mama's Gun, Album (2000) Motown
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know, single (2001) Motown
Erykah Badu -
Cleva, 12-inch single (2001) Motown–PROMO
Frank N Dank - Me & My Man, 12-inch single (2000) McNasty
Frank N Dank - Everybody Get Up, 12-inch single (2000) McNasty
Guru - Certified from Guru's Jazzmatazz Street Soul, Album (2000) Virgin
Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round (J-88 Mix), 12-inch single (2000) Planet E
Phife Dawg - Bend Ova, 4 Horseman from Ventilation: Da LP, Album (2000) Groove Attack
Phife Dawg - Ya Heard Me from Definition of Ill, Album (2000)
Royce Da 5'9 - Let's Grow from Lyricist Lounge Volume 2, Album (2000) Rawkus
Spacek - Eve (Remix), 12-inch single (2000) Blue

Production Credits: 2001
Bahamadia - One-4-Teen (Remix) from Summer Sampler, Album (2001) Goodvibe
Bilal - Reminisce from 1st Born Second, Album (2001) Interscope
Busta Rhymes - Genesis, Make It Hurt from Genesis, Album (2001) Elektra
Chino XL - Don't Say A Word from I Told You So, Album (2001) Metro Records
De La Soul - Peer Pressure Intro & Outro Monologues by Jay Dee from AOI: Bionix, Album (2001) Tommy Boy
Lucy Pearl - Without You (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Pookie/Virgin
Mos Def - Can U C The Pride In The Panther? (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Interscope
Que D - In Yo Face from Still Bangin, single (2001) Up Above and Que D Limited Edition, Album (2003) Royal Flyness
Toshi Kubota - Nothin But Your Love (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Epic

Production Credits: 2002
Big Tone - Party Crasher (mixed by Jay Dee) from Party Crasher, 12-inch single (2002) Antidote
Busta Rhymes - 3 tracks from It Ain't Safe No More..., Album (2002) Elektra
Common - various production & instrumental credits from Electric Circus, Album (2002) MCA
DJ Jazzy Jeff - Are You Ready with Slum Village from The Magnificent, EP (2002) BBE
Frank N Dank - Push, EP (2002) Mummy / Groove Attack
Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers, Don't Nobody Care About Us, Microphone Master, Big Booties, World Premier from Dedication To The Suckers, Album (2002) RonnieCash.com
Slum Village - Hoes, Let's, One from Trinity, Album (2002) Capitol
Talib Kweli - Where Do We Go, Stand To The Side from Quality, Album (2002) Rawkus

Production Credits: 2003
ASD (Afrob & Samy Deluxe) - Komm Schon from Wer Hatte Das Gedacht?, Album (2003) Eimsbush
ASD (Afrob & Samy Deluxe) -
Wenn Ihr Fuhlt... from Hey Du, EP (2003) Eimsbush
Common -
Come Close Remix (Closer) 12-inch single (2003) MCA
De La Soul - Much More/Shoomp, 12-inch single (2003) AOI
Fourtet - As Serious As Your Life (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Domino
Frank N Dank - 48 Hours, Album (2003) Bootleg
Frank N Dank - Ma Dukes, 12-inch single (2003) ABB
Vivian Green - Fanatic (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Sony
Phat Kat - 3 tracks from The Undeniable LP: Detroit Edition, Album (2003) Barak
Phat Kat - Dedication/Destiny, 12-inch single (2003) Barak
Que D - Supa Shit, 12-inch single (2003) Royal Flyness
Royce Da 5'9 - Life Goes On from Build & Destroy: Lost Sessions Part 1, Album (2003) Trouble Records
Subtitle - Mark Luv Mixtape Song from Greatest Hit$, Album (2003) Marks03 Recordings
T-Love - 4 tracks from The Long Way Back, Album (2003) Pickininny

Production Credits: 2004
5 Ela - Scenario (2004) from The, EP (2004) 5 Elements
Amp Fiddler - You Play Me, Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly, from Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly, Album (2004) Genuine/PIAS
Amp Fiddler - I Believe In You (Jaylib Mix), 12-inch and CD single (2004) Genuine/PIAS
Brother Jack McDuff - Oblighetto (J Dilla Remix), from Blue Note Revisted, Album (2004) Blue Note
De La Soul - Verbal Clap, Much More from Grind Date, Album (2004) Sanctuary
DJ Cam - Love Junkee (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Inflamable and Liquid Hip Hop, Album (2004) Inflamable
Frank-N-Dank - Let's Go, Okay, MCA from Xtended Play, Album (2004) Needillworks
Lawless Element - The Shining, 12-inch single (2004) RMR/Fat Beats
Lawless Element - The Shining, from Soundvision: In Stereo (2005) BABYGRANDE
Oh No - Move from The Disrupt, Album (2004), and The Disrupt Instrumentals (2005) Stones Throw
Proof of D12 - Bring It 2 Me, from I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, Album (2004) Iron Fist
Prozack - Leisure Rules, from Death, Taxes, and Prozack, Album (2004) Outofwork Records
Slum Village - Do You, from Detroit Deli, Album (2004) Barak/Capitol

Production Credits: 2005
Common - Love Is, It's Your World (Pt 1 & 2) from Be, Album and Be Instrumentals (2005) GOOD Music/Geffen
Common - The Movement from NBA 2K6 - The Tracks, Album (2005) Decon
Dwele - Keep On from Some Kinda, Album (2005) Virgin
Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio - Antiquity from Love Is The Answer, Album (2005) Ninja Tune
- Push feat. J Dilla, 12-inch single (2005) Stones Throw
Push, So Real from Push Comes to Shove, Album (2005), and Push Comes to Shove (Instrumentals), Album (2005) Stones Throw
Moka Only - One Time from The Desired Effect, Album (2005) Nettwerk
Oh No - Move Part 2 feat. J Dilla & Roc C, 12-inch single (2005) Stones Throw
Slum Village - Who Are We from Prequel To A Classic, Album (2005) Barak Records
Spacek - Dollar, 12-inch single (2005) Sound in Color
Spacek -
Dollar from Space Shift, Album (2005) Sound in Color
Talib Kweli - Roll Off Me from Right About Now, Album (2005) Koch

Production Credits: 2006-2009
Ghostface Killah -
Beauty Jackson, Whip You with a Strap from Fishscale, Album (2006) Def Jam
Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold A Torch from The Big Bang, Album (2006) Aftermath
Visionaries - All Right from We are the Ones (We've Been Waiting For), Album (2006) Up Above
Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands from Chrome Children, Album (2006) Stones Throw
A.G. - Hip Hop Quotable, 12-inch single (2006) Look
A.G. - Hip Hop Quoteable from Get Dirty Radio, Album (2006) Look
Madlib - Take It Back from Chrome Children, Album (2006) Stones Throw
Guilty Simpson - Man's World, 12-inch single (2007) NO LABEL
Phat Kat - Cold Steel, 12-inch single (2007) Look
Phat Kat - 5 songs from Carte Blanche, Album (2007) Look
Guilty Simpson - I Must Love You from Ode to the Ghetto, Album (2008) Stones Throw
Guilty Simpson
- Stress, 12-inch single (2009) NO LABEL
- House of Flying Daggers, Arson Jones, 10 Bricks from Only Built for Cuban Linx 2, Album (2009) EMI

Note: other posthumous production credits, beginning in 2006, not listed here. The listings above were made during the artist's lifetime.

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