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"Kashmere" -
Kashmere Stage Band 4.56
(Conrad O. Johnson - CJ Music Pub. ASCAP)
Recorded 1973, Nashville Sound Studios, Houston, TX
Engineer: Joel Johnson
George Miller, Jesse Jones, Clyde Walker, John Homes, Kirk Odoms (saxophones); Frederick Braggs, Audrey Jones, Abel Sabala, Michael Johnson, Ronnie Davis, John Thomas, Kevin McDowell (trumpets); Jimmie Walker, Gregory Samuels, Gwendolyn Walker, Artie Malone (trombones); Brenday Pyrtle (horn); with the Nut, Bolt and Screw Rhythm Section: Bruce Middleton (tenor sax - solo); Gerald Calhoun (bass); Earl Spiller (guitar); Craig Green (drums)Produced by Conrad O. Johnson
Originally released on Kram LP-106 - “Kashmere Stage Band Plays Originals,” Alternate “live” version previously released on Kram LP-105 - “Live 73”
Licensed by Conrad O. Johnson

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