Stones Throw Records | The Funky 16 Corners 2001

"Though they will always be remembered for their Grade-A funk side “Soul Heart Transplant,” Ebony Rhythm Band served as the house rhythm section for LAMP Records stable of (relative) stars in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These three vamps, captured at the end of a soul session at the turn of 1970, lend credence to the Band’s status as top-notch Indianapolis icons.


Intro, Interlude, and Outro - Ebony Rhythm Band
Recorded January 29, 1970, Ohmit Recording Studio, Indianapolis, IN
Engineer: Les Ohmit
John R."Ricky" Jackson (Organ); Lester L. Johnson (Bass); Robert L. Townsend (Guitar); Matthew R. Watson (Drums);Produced by Herb Miller
Previously unreleased
Licensed by Herb Miller

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