Stones Throw Records | The Funky 16 Corners 2001

Before Conrad Johnson reached Kashmere High School, he directed young drummer Bubbha Thomas in Booker T. Washington High School’s stage band. Born in Houston’s Fourth Ward, Thomas, like Johnson, has devoted his life to furthering his city’s prowess as a jazz/funk mecca. An actively recording independent musician, Thomas’s first releases - on Houston-based Judnell Records - run the gamut from outside to spiritual; his releases on his own Lightin’ imprint progressively take on the funk feel. “The Phantom” stands as Thomas’ first funk release. But it would have been funkier if Thomas recorded it with the insight he possesses today: “If I had redone the song, I would have taken out all that skittering on the snare drum and put the backbeat heavier.”

His band has served as a springboard for many local musicians, including Ronnie Laws and Kirk Whalum. An educator along the same lines as Johnson, Thomas also blessed the funk world with the results of one of his Summer Jazz Workshops, a program dedicated to fostering musicianship in Houston’s youngest talent. “Jazz OD,” a promotional 45 produced and released by his Summer Jazz students, has recently found new fans in the deep funk masses across the globe.

"The Phantom" - Bubbha Thomas and The Lightmen Plus One 2.18
(Doug Harris - Lightmen Publishing Co. BMI)
Recorded September - October 1972, Nashville Sound Studios, Houston, TX
Engineers: Joel Johnson, Jim Roberson
Joe Singleton (trombone); Doug Harris (soprano/tenor saxophone); Virgil Solomon (alto saxophone); Pat Williams (trumpet); Marsha Frazier (electric piano, Åute); Don Patterson (bass); Bubbha Thomas (drums)
Produced by Bubbha Thomas, Virgil Solomon and Marsha Frazier
Originally released on Lightin’ LP-2001 - “Energy Control Center”
Licensed by Bubbha Thomas

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