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Ras G

Gregory Shorter Jr. aka Ras G (December 11, 1978 – July 29, 2019) was one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a... Read More

The Growth Eternal - Bass Tone Paintings

This is the debut of Tulsa native Bryron Crenshaw as The Growth Eternal. Bass Tone Paintings cassette with 40-page digital booklet is out on Leaving... Read More

Zeroh – BLQLYTE – on Leaving Records

Zeroh comes from the wild west coast scene that brought us Ras G and Jonwayne. His debut album for Leaving Records is BLQLYTE, six years... Read More

Cool Maritime - Sharing Waves - LP with silk screen jacket

In the store | COOL MARITIME - SHARING WAVES Sharing Waves is the second release on Leaving Records by Cool Maritime. Available now: 1/LP vinyl... Read More

Ras G - Stargate Music

In the store | RAS G - STARGATE MUSIC Stargate Music is the latest full-length album by Ras G, on Leaving Records. The official release... Read More

Josiah Steinbrick - Two Bonangs, Coated Spheres, Piano, Two Synthesizers, Natural Objects

Excellent "unofficial video" for Josiah Steinbrick's Meeting of Waters album on Leaving Records. The track is titled, "02 (Two Bonangs, Coated Spheres, Piano, Two Synthesizers,... Read More

Benedek - Kushel - Leaving Records

In the store | BENEDEK - KUSHEL New 5-track tape from Benedek on Leaving Records - "Lo-Fi House & Rave & Trance & New Age... Read More

Video: Carlos Niño – Perrsssspeshhhhiift

Carlos Niño & Friends – “Perrsssspeshhhhiift,” featuring Jamael Dean, from the album Going Home. The video is footage from Oahu shot by Carlos Niño, with... Read More

Carlos Niño and Friends - Live at the World Stage


Matthewdavid – Time Flying Beats

In the store | MATTHEWDAVID - TIME FLYING BEATS Los Angeles producer Matthew "Matthewdavid" McQueen releases 34 min. of bass-heavy beats via his own Leaving... Read More

Carlos Niño and Friends - "Going Home" - video by Iasos

In the store | CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS - GOING HOME Carlos Niño and legendary New Age composer Iasos have collaborated a few times since... Read More

Carlos Niño and Friends - Going Home - album and tour

In the store | CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS - GOING HOME The fifth album in Carlos Niño's "Friends" series is coming out October 20 on... Read More

Opio – Souls of Mischief MC – releases Wounded Healer

In the store | OPIO - WOUNDED HEALER Leaving Records presents new material from Opio of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics. The project was produced... Read More

Benedek - Bene's World

In the store | BENEDEK - BENE'S WORLD Benedek is a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ. But then, who isn't these days? The difference here... Read More

Trance Farmers – "Teleportal"

Here's a new one from Trance Farmers – "Teleportal" – from a full-length album called Sugar Lemon Hog Whistle coming out later this year on... Read More


In the store | BANANA - LIVE (Leaving Records) Banana is an ensemble led by Josiah Steinbrick, with Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot... Read More

Kiefer – "Tubesocks" - Kickinit Alone

In the store | KIEFER - KICKINIT ALONE Kiefer (Kiefer Shackelford) is currently on tour with Mndsgn's live trio (Mndsgn, Swarvy, Keifer). This is his... Read More

Deantoni Parks “Magdelena”

In the store | DEANTONI PARKS - DEANTHOVEN Tokyo-based director Michael Laburt adds a new flavor to the Beethoven-flipped scenes of Deantoni Parks' track “Magdelena,”... Read More

Jamire Williams – EFFECTUAL

In the store | JAMIRE WILLIAMS - EFFECTUAL He's an avant-garde drummer who has worked with jazz legend Herbie Hancock, innovator Robert Glasper, and Tortoise’s... Read More

Devonwho - Luz

In the store | DEVONWHO – LUZ (Leaving Records) In 2009, Devonwho (Devon Fox) helped start Bandcamp phenomenon Klipmode with Knxwledge, Mndsgn, and Suzi Analogue.... Read More

Seiho – 360° video for Peach and Pomegranate

In the store | SEIHO - COLLAPSE Seiho is an Osaka-based electronic composer. Leaving Records’ Matthewdavid befriended Seiho when touring Japan in 2012. They have... Read More

Surface to Air Missive – “Full Love Wonder”

In the store | SURFACE TO AIR MISSIVE – A V Vinyl available now. The album is out everywhere November 4. Surface to Air Missive... Read More

Laraaji – Om Namah Shivaya, Be Still and Glow

IN THE STORE | LARAAJI – OM BUNDLE Leaving Records presents its second archival installment from legendary New Age composer Laraaji. The bundle contains four... Read More

In the dungeon: Deantoni Parks

Deantoni Parks tape Deanthoven just came out on Leaving Records. He's playing tonight 9/1/16 at The Echo in Los Angeles. Video by Ross Harris. Read More

Now on vinyl: Swarvy – Elderberry – Leaving Records

In the store | SWARVY - ELDERBERRY Swarvy's Elderberry – jazzy, soulful, raw beat tape – is now on vinyl via Leaving Records. @Swrvy |... Read More

The name is EOLA, the album is DANG.

In the store | EOLA - DANG Leaving Records. Vinyl available now. Worldwide release: 9/23/16. Edwin Mathis White, from the band Tonstartssbandht, creates a capella... Read More

VHVL's album Evn on Leaving Records

In the store | VHVL - EVN The author is VHVL, electronic composer Veronica Lauren, from Harlem, New York. Evn, a cassette release by Leaving... Read More

Deantoni Parks – DEANTHOVEN

In the store | DEANTONI PARKS - DEANTHOVEN Deanthoven, released by Leaving Records, is produced and performed live by Deantoni Parks, channeling Ludwig Van Beethoven.... Read More

Finnish artist Tomutonttu releases Trarat on Leaving Records.

In the store | TOMUTONTTU - TRARAT Tomutonttu is multi-disciplinary artist & Leaving Records' psychic music mentor Jan Anderzén from Finland. Head cosmonaut of “musical... Read More

Saafron (Dakim) - Reishi

COMING AUGUST 26 | SAAFRON - REISHI Dakim as Saafron, on Leaving Records “Ancient herbs from the beat sage Saafron (Detroit’s Dakim ), Reishi is... Read More

A live event with Laraaji in Los Angeles, June 17

New age composer Laraaji will give a rare live performance, with electronics and zither, on June 17 at Highland Park Ebell in Los Angeles. Also... Read More

Knxwledge – Buttrskotch 45

In the store | KNXWLEDGE - BUTTRSKOTCH Buttrskotch is an EP release from Knxwledge – 6 beats b/w 5 beats – first released on tape,... Read More

SunPath: 1980's outsider New Age re-issues from Leaving Records

In the store | SUNPATH - DREAM MUSIC Double cassette reissue by Leaving Records. Psychedelic New Age music circa 1980, 1984. SunPath is the 1980s... Read More

Mixtape: Champions by Cakedog

Download | CAKEDOG - CHAMPIONS (MP3 zip) Leland Jackson creates footwork and juke as Cakedog. Devoted to the dancer, DJ, and producer culture, and mentored... Read More

Devonwho's Lyon and Swarvy's Elderberry

In the store | DEVONWHO - LYON In the store | SWARVY - ELDERBERRY Leaving Records presents two crispy companion EPs for the neo beat-scene... Read More

In the dungeon: Carlos Niño and Friends

“It’s All Happening!” (Dungeon Improvisation Edition), with Jamire Williams - drums, Dexter Story - keys, Miguel Atwood Ferguson - viola, and Carlos Niño - percussion.... Read More

Carlos Niño album feat. Madlib and Kamasi Washington – Flutes, Echoes, It's All Happening

In the store | CARLOS NINO - FLUTES, ECHOES, IT'S ALL HAPPENING “It's All Happening!” feat. Madlib, Jamire Williams and Dexter Story, strings by Miguel... Read More

Matthewdavid's Mindflight - Trust the Guide and Glide

In the store | MATTHEWDAVID - TRUST THE GUIDE AND GLIDE 2/LP tip-on gatefold sleeve from Leaving Records, available now at Stones Throw. L.A. composer... Read More

Real Scenes: Los Angeles

"RA goes beyond the sunshine and the sprawl to explore L.A.'s underground scene." – Resident Advisor. Dam-Funk, Diva, Matthewdavid, Gifted & Blessed and other crew... Read More

Benedek – Coolin'

In the store | BENEDEK - COOLIN' 4-track cassette EP from Leaving Records. Release party: March 12 in Los Angeles at the Stones Throw popup... Read More

Ras G and Koreatown Oddity - 5 Chuckles: In the Wrld

In the store | 5 CHUCKLES: IN THE WRLD News: 5....5....5....5....CHUCKLES ARE BACK!!! Los Angeles-bred producer/emcee team Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity return for... Read More

Deantoni Parks - A Film about Building

Deantoni Parks' Technoself came out a short while ago on Leaving Records. Here's a short documentary on the drummer. Forbes: The Funky Drummer: The Sampledelic... Read More

Dakim – Soap – album stream

In the store | DAKIM - SOAP A kind of continuation from Leftrecord (2012), Soap consists of entirely multi-loop instrumental freestyles recorded direct to cassette... Read More

Deantoni Parks – Technoself

In the store | DEANTONI PARKS - TECHNOSELF From Leaving Records, the debut album from drummer Deantoni Parks – John Cale, Sade, The Mars Volta,... Read More

Guy Blakeslee releases The Middle Sister (Leaving Records)

In the store | GUY BLAKESLEE - THE MIDDLE SISTER Vinyl: advance sale, now shipping exclusively from Stones Throw. Official release date: January 15, 2016.... Read More

Cat 500 – The Comp. Broken footwork on cassette tape from Leaving Records.

In the store | CAT 500 - THE COMP Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley producer and performance artist Cary Allison makes experimental, electronic pop... Read More

Deantoni Parks – “Bombay”

In the store | DEANTONI PARKS – TECHNOSELF The drummer/man-machine Deantoni Parks has an album called Technoself dropping December 4th on Leaving Records. We have... Read More

Ras G's Raw Fruit Vol. 3-4 2LP

In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT V. 3-4 Ras G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene,... Read More

on vinyl: Ahnnu's World Music and Perception

In the store | AHNNU - WORLD MUSIC & PERCEPTION Two albums – World Music, Perception – released as a double LP by Leaving Records.... Read More

Modern New Age series from Leaving Records


Leaving Records residency at Los Globos in Los Angeles, September 2015

Leaving Records has a live residency in Los Angeles at Los Globos, 3040 Sunset Blvd, through the month of September. Mndsgn headlines the first of... Read More

Laraaji – All in One Peace

In the store | LARAAJI - ALL IN ONE PEACE Leaving Records' reissue of seminal works by new age musician and composer: Lotus Collage (1978),... Read More

Knxwledge's 50-track Anthology tape

In the store | KNXWLEDGE - ANTHOLOGY 50 tracks on 2/Cassette – NOW SOLD OUT Two years before Knxwledge's Stones Throw debut Hud Dreems, Leaving... Read More

Yuk on vinyl.

In the store | YUK – ANAK Out now. Vinyl, cassette, digital from Leaving Records. Anak is the second full-length from Los Angeles-based underground, ambient... Read More

Yuk – ANAK

In the store | YUK – ANAK Out now. Vinyl, cassette, digital from Leaving Records. Anak is the second full-length from Los Angeles-based underground, ambient... Read More

High Wolf - Growing Wild

In the store | HIGH WOLF - GROWING WILD LP / Cassette / Digital from Leaving Records Growing Wild is the new album from High... Read More

Smurphy on Leaving Records, May 2015

In the store | SMURPHY - A SHAPELESS POOL... Meet Smurphy from Mexico City, affiliated with NAAFI. Smurphy's first release, A Shapeless Pool of Lovely... Read More

Trance Farmers - Garbage Night

In the store | TRANCE FARMERS - GARBAGE NIGHT Trance Farmers' new release is Garbage Night – six tracks with a Neo-Psychobilly sound of sludge,... Read More

Ras G - Mental Field Trips

From the album Down to Earth (Leaving Records), this is "Mental Field Trips" – the latest ghetto sci-fi visual by Ras G. This was created... Read More

Ahnnu – Perception

In the store | AHNNU - PERCEPTION Digital & cassette album release, available now. Ahnnu (Leland Jackson) delivers Perception, his second full length avant-garde masterwork... Read More

Mystic Ballads from Mira Billotte's White Magic (Leaving Records)

In the store | WHITE MAGIC Leaving Records. Ltd. edition of 300 cassettes in "chameleon" O-Card. White Magic is artist, vocalist, pianist, percussionist and composer... Read More

SP-MOLD – midden.

The artist is SP-MOLD and the 3-hour collection is midden, a word meaning a old dunghill for domestic waste. Listen to a 17-minute selection below.... Read More

Here is a Leaving Record tote bag full of cassette tapes

In the store | LEAVING RECORDS TOTE BAG Update: Someone in Detroit got the bag of tapes. | Check out these bags. We’ve filled one... Read More

Ras G – Down to Earth – the video

A day in the life of Ras G, captured in the music video for "Love and Peace" and "Polo Jacket & Dashiki." These are two... Read More

Matthewdavid's Outkast mixtape: Jungle, Footwork, World Breaks.

Here's a mix from Matthewdavid called Even The Sun Goes Down. This is an all-Outkast mix flipped with Jungle, Drum & Bass, Footwork and World... Read More

Take a tour of Spacebase with Ras G (Video)

Take a tour of Ras G's Spacebase, his Los Angeles studio. And here's the latest record to come out of there ... DOWN TO EARTH... Read More

Mndsgn's Surface Outtakes on vinyl

In the store | MNDSGN - SURFACE OUTTAKES Last summer Leaving Records relaesed a cassette of Mndsgn's outtakes, b-sides, and unreleased ideas just before his... Read More

Ras G - Let G Know (Keep it a Billion)

Here's another track from Ras G's Down to Earth album which is officially released today as vinyl, cassette and digital download. Down to Earth is... Read More

Ras G – Down to Earth, Vol. 2

In the store | RAS G - DOWN TO EARTH V.2 Available now – LP, Cassette, Digital | Los Angeles hip-hop producer Ras G’s album... Read More

Ras G and Koreatown Oddity's new tape is packaged in a Backwoods blunt pouch. 100 copies.

In the store | RAS G & KOREATOWN ODDITY - 5 CHUCKLES Backwoods Blunts Edition Limited to 100 copies. Rap album b/w Instrumentals & bonus... Read More

Cakedog – CAKE UP

CAKE UP. This is a new track & new video from Cakedog, whose Menace in the Phantom tape came out through Leaving Records recently. Video... Read More

Brogan Bentley–THE SNAKE

In the store | BROGAN BENTLEY - THE SNAKE Brogan is a producer based in San Francisco, and The Snake is his debut album. Vinyl... Read More

Dakim and Fumitake Tamura

In the store | DAKIM & FUMITAKE TAMURA - MUDAI This is a cassette release from Leaving Records, the collaboration of Dakim from Detroit and... Read More

Dntel – Outtakes from Human Voice on cassette

In the store | DNTEL - HUMAN VOICE OUTTAKES Leaving Record has released non-album tracks from Dntel/Jimmy Tamborello's album Human Voice as a standalone cassette... Read More

Cakedog - Menace in the Phantom

In the store | CAKEDOG - MENACE IN THE PHANTOM Cakedog is Leland Jackson aka Ahnnu. Inspired by the Battle Groundz in Chicago, Menace in... Read More


In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT V.3 Third edition of Ras G's Raw Fruit beat tape series made it's debut this weekend... Read More

Vogue premieres forthcoming Leaving Records album by Brogan Bentely

Vogue (not a hip-hop blog) on Leaving Records' forthcoming album by Brogan Bentley: Brogan Bentley’s new song “The Difference” doesn’t start so much as it... Read More

Dntel – HUMAN VOICE – album and outtakes cassette

In the store | DNTEL - HUMAN VOICE Dntel is Jimmy Tamborello. Leaving Records will release Human Voice on September 23. Exclusive VINYL PRE-ORDER with... Read More

Trance Farmers - DIXIE CRYSTALS

In the store | TRANCE FARMERS - DIXIE CRYSTALS Leaving Records presents the debut album of Trance Farmers, Dixie Crystals. This is a guitar-slathered, twang-soaked... Read More

Mndsgn. Eggs. Video.

Ringgo Ancheta is Mndsgn. “Eggs” is from Surface Outtakes and the video is directed by Alima Jennings. August 9th, Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles: Join... Read More

Mndsgn's Surface Outtakes cassette

In the store | MNDSGN - SURFACE OUTTAKES Leaving Records has released a cassette from Mndsgn (birth name: Ringgo Anchetta) with various outtakes, b-sides, and... Read More

VHVL and Ras G - Seat of the Soul

In the store | VHVL & RAS G - SEAT OF THE SOUL Seat of the Soul is a split cassette album by Ras G... Read More

M Geddes Gengras - ISHI

In the store | M GEDDES GENGRAS - ISHI M. Geddes Gengras' Ishi is the latest release from Leaving Records, an electronic ambient album, inspired... Read More

M. Geddes Gengras’ “Passage”

In the store | M Geddes Gengras - Ishi L.A. modular synth head M. Geddes Gengras follows his collaboration with Sun Araw (as Duppy Gun)... Read More

Trance Farmers - Dixie Caps

In the store | TRANCE FARMERS - DIXIE CAPS 4-track cassette from Leaving Records, available with digital download. Dixie Caps EP introduces the futuristic Americana... Read More

Ras G - Raw Fruit v. 1-2 double vinyl

In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT VOL. 1-2 2/LP The Raw Fruit tapes by Ras G on 2LP. Download card included.  Ras... Read More

Dakim - DDUST REGOS - Cassette from Leaving Records

In the store | DAKIM - DDUST REGOS There's 250 copies of the Dak tape, 2nd edition. 31 minutes.  From the bros at Leaving Records:... Read More


Alex Gray works on collaborative music projects with Deep Magic and the Sun Araw Band. Leland Jackson records music as Ahnnu. Together the two of... Read More

Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 2

In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT VOL. 2 Following up Raw Fruit (Vol. 1) with another collection of beats from the producer's... Read More

Dakim 6F00FF on Leaving Records

In the store | Dakim - 6F00FF The latest release from Leaving Records, available now at Stones Throw on cassette & digital download. The worldwide... Read More

Surface --- to --- Air --- Missive

Did you see the program? Here's the story. They're from Tallahassee, Florida. Taylor Ross, age 23, played all the instruments on this album, breaking bones... Read More

Samiyam - Wish You Were Here

In the store | SAMIYAM - WISH YOU WERE HERE BLACK T-shirt/Cass./MP3 In the store | SAMIYAM - WISH YOU WERE HERE WHITE T-shirt/Cass./MP3 In... Read More

Introducing: Surface to Air Missive

Introducing: Surface to Air Missive, and their self-titled album Surface to Air Missive on Leaving Records PLEASE VIEW THE PROGRAM Program notes: Southern rock from... Read More

Ahnnu - World Music - on Leaving Records

In the store | Ahnnu - World Music Cassette, digital download from Leaving Records. Los Angeles producer Leland Jackson is Ahnnu. Jackson's production is rooted... Read More

Listen: Ahnnu "Shame" from Leaving Records

In the store | Ahnnu - World Music Cassette & digital out now. Los Angeles producer Leland Jackson is Ahnnu. Jackson's production is rooted in... Read More

2013 Summer Mix by Matthewdavid 

A short one from Matthewdavid of Leaving Records. Track List: DNTEL - Early works (mash-up) The Cyclist - The Kraut Selection (unreleased)  Cat 500 -... Read More

The Cyclist - Bones in Motion (Leaving Records)

In the store | The Cyclist - Bones in Motion The latest from Leaving Records is the debut album from Irish producer The Cyclist. 2LP... Read More

Watch: The Cyclist "Visions"

The Cyclist "Visions" Directed by Miko Revereza, from Leaving Records & Stones Throw's DUAL FORM. The Cyclist debut album Bones in Motion will be released... Read More

LAWeekly: Matthewdavid's Psychedelic Soul Music Is Not Exactly That

Jeff Weiss article about Leaving Records' Matthewdavid, published Jan. 30 2013 in his monthly LA Weekly column Bizarre Ride "All profoundly original art looks ugly... Read More

Semya - Hawk Wind - video from Dual Form

In the store | DUAL FORM  Today's the release date, and tonight's the Los Angeles record release party - January 22 at Mr T's Bowl.... Read More

Julia Holter "You and Me Both" from Dual Form | Matthew David interview with Dazed

Owen Meyers interviewed Matthewdavid for Dazed Digital about his work with Leaving Records and the Stones Throw collab DUAL FORM. Published Jan. 17 at dazed.com... Read More

Los Angeles, Jan. 22: Dual Form release party

January 22: Release date of Dual Form, the collaborative release by Stones Throw and Leaving Records. On this date we are having our official release... Read More

Video: Trance Farmers "Purple Hay" from DUAL FORM

In the store | DUAL FORM Album on CD, 2/LP & digital We have just launched an advance sale of Stones Throw & Leaving Records'... Read More

Stones Throw and Leaving Records presents DUAL FORM

In the store | DUAL FORM Album on CD, 2/LP & digital In the store | DUAL FORM 2/cassette + sticker, bonus tracks Collaborative release... Read More

Download: Davis "Into the Night" Instrumental from Dual Form

Hello, happy 2013. To celebrate a new tour & new year, please enjoy a bonus instrumental Davis track from the upcoming Stones Throw x Leaving... Read More

Download: Top Tape – Dublab x Leaving Records x Stones Throw

The folks at Dublab.com have posted an archive of the all-cassette DJ night at TOP TAPE a few weeks back to celebrate the upcoming release... Read More

Dual Form: the Golden Ticket

Los Angeles – come join us at The Virgil on Wednesday night, Nov. 7, to celebrate the release of the double-cassette portion of Stones Throw... Read More

Dual Form: the Artists

We've just announced a new project - Stones Throw & Leaving Records presents DUAL FORM - including the line, "if the names gathered here look... Read More

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