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Rock Konducta Vol. 1
Rock Konducta Vol. 1


Album Madlib Invazion MMS020

Description: Madlib's first Rock Konducta LP - the latest in his instrumental "Beat Konducta" series - has just been released on his solo imprint Madlib Invazion. This contains 19 tracks, approx. 30-min. total running time, and is vinyl only – no CD, no digital, not even a track list.

Listen to "Black Widow" and "Hold the Organ"

Beat Konducta:
Earth Sounds
Beat Konducta Vol. 1: Movie Scenes
Beat Konducta Vol. 2: Movie Scenes, The Sequel
Beat Konducta Vol. 3: Beat Konducta in India
Beat Konducta Vol. 4: Beat Konducta in India
Dil Cosby Suite
Dil Withers Suite
Beat Konducta in Africa
Rock Konducta Vol. 1