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Multiply: Duppy Gun Productions
Multiply: Duppy Gun Productions
Duppy Gun


Album Duppy Gun DPY005

Description: Duppy Gun LP – double disc, gatefold, immediate digital download. Bullet not included.

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Duppy Gun Productions is an Outer-Orbit Dancehall label founded and operated by Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw) and M. Geddes Gengras. Producing and curating riddims from a growing family of Duppy Gun producers, Stallones and Gengras ferry them to Jamaica and record vocalists wherever they are able to find talent and an electrical outlet. Includes production from Peaking Lights, Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, Matthewdavid, and more.

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Galingo
I Jahbar Genesis Hull $0.99 Buymp3
2.  Mad
Early One & I Jahbar DJ Talus Glider $0.99 Buymp3
3.  Multiply
Dayone Duppy Founders $0.99 Buymp3
4.  Earth
Early One Duppy Founders $0.99 Buymp3
5.  Own Pattern
I Jahbar Big Flite & Velkro $0.99 Buymp3
6.  What Would You Say About Me
Fyah Flames DJ Highwaistline $0.99 Buymp3
7.  No Tek 9
Lukan I Big Flite & Velkro $0.99 Buymp3
8.  Flip Top Riddim
Big Flite & Velkro Big Flite & Velkro $0.99 Buymp3
9.  Press Bookfa Press
Bookfa Nice-A-Bunks $0.99 Buymp3
10.  Don't Harass Me
Singin' Crazy Nice-A-Bunks $0.99 Buymp3
11.  Up Wit U Baby
Lukan I Duppy Founders $0.99 Buymp3
12.  Rasta Life
Dayone Big Flite & Velkro $0.99 Buymp3
13.  Girls Dem Need Mi
G Sudden Genesis Hull $0.99 Buymp3
14.  Spy
I Jahbar Duppy Founders $0.99 Buymp3
15.  Juggle Man
Cerassietea Nice-A-Bunks $0.99 Buymp3
16.  Waftt Riddim
Big Flite & Velkro Big Flite & Velkro $0.99 Buymp3