Stones Throw Vinyl Subscription

Stones Throw Vinyl Subscription

  • December 08, 2017


We are offering a one-year subscription for all Stones Throw vinyl releases. 

Subscribers will receive every new Stones Throw vinyl released Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2018, shipped as soon as we receive them.  This includes single albums, double albums, 12-inch singles, 45s, and box sets.

The price is $300 USD plus a one-time, flat-rate shipping fee. The subscription is a one-time, non-reoccurring fee. We are offering this one-year vinyl subscription only through January 1st.

We currently have three records in production. The first vinyl to be released in 2018 is expected to be Samiyam's Pizza Party.

How many records are in the subscription? 
We don't know the exact number of records we'll release in 2018. Last year was our busiest release year, with some 17 records by NxWorries, Tuxedo, Mild High Club, etc. We expect this year to be about the same.

When will new records be delivered? 
We aim to ship subscribers vinyl as soon as we have records from our pressing plant.  In some cases this may be before the official release date.  In other cases, vinyl is manufactured and released after street date.  

Are digital downloads included? 
The subscription is for vinyl only – no digital, tapes or CDs. Most of our full-length vinyl releases come with digital download cards.  

What vinyl is included in the subscription?
All new Stones Throw Records vinyl releases – albums, singles, 45s, and vinyl box sets. The subscription does not include releases by other labels, back catalog, tapes, CDs, slipmats, or multi-format special packages.


USA – two options: $50 USPS Media Mail, or $100 USPS Priority First Class. 

CANADA: $200 USPS First Class International. 

INTERNATIONAL – outside of USA and Canada: $250 USPS First Class International.