Vinyl restock: Dilla Dawg, Madlib, Lord Quas & Aloe Blacc

Vinyl restock: Dilla Dawg, Madlib, Lord Quas & Aloe Blacc

  • April 03, 2014

We just got a restock of some vinyl...

Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite | The first of Madlib's 2-volume tribute to J Dilla, released late 2008. Just a few days ago we also restocked Vol. 6, the second part.

J Dilla - Ruff Draft | In 2007 we had the pleasure of remastering and reissuing J Dilla's rare 2003 vinyl-only record Ruff Draft with previously unreleased cuts and alternate versions. This is a great album – the artist's defiant return to the independent scene after being burned by the majors, who shelved a still-unreleased album of his recorded the year before.

Quasimoto - The Unseen | Quasimoto's debut, and Madlib's first solo release. This music was made for Madlib's private listening, released after urging from PB Wolf. The Unseen was perhaps the among the new century's first sleeper hits, picked as Spin as one of the top albums of 2000 by the least-known artist.

Yesterdays New Quintet - Yesterdays Universe | Although it's billed as "Yesterdays New Quintet," Yesterdays Universe was in fact the end of YNQ, as Madlib's semi-imaginary jazz combo split into several different groups and collaborations, many of which debuted on this collection.

Aloe Blacc - Good Things | Last but not least, Aloe Blacc's breakthrough, and Stones Throw's first gold record. Good Things was a collaboration with production team Truth & Soul. "I Need A Dollar," "Green Lights," and one of the finest covers of a Velvet Underground track "Femme Fatale" are all included here.