Stones Throw Podcast 19: Peanut Butter Wolf - Cover Me Badd

  • March 17, 2007


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“Cover versions, you either hate ‘em, or hate ‘em. Occasionally you might find a gem or two like the frankly weirder-than-Jacko-himself Japanese cover versions of Jackson 5 hits, but on the most part they are turgid beyond belief.  Well, you can always count on Peanut Butter Wolf to go mining in genres that either a) didn’t exist in the first place, or b) should have remained at the bottom of the bargain bin. This, number 19 in the Stones Throw podcast series is played purely for laughs – you’d damn well hope so when you hear it! Hoarding up the cover versions of the damned into 45 minutes, it’s a real test of your determination and ‘eclectic taste in music’ as a DJ or just straight-up listener if you can hold out for the duration.” -

Cherlie “D”- Your Love Is Dead (LL Cool J)
LL Mundy – You Had Love (LL Cool J)
Nardo Ranks – Rump Shaker (Wrecks N Effect)
Boys From The Bottom – OPP Spells HIV (Naughty By Nature)
The Ghetto Girlz – My Man’s Playin’ Tricks On Me (Geto Boys)
April B – A Fly Girl (Boogie Boys)
Baron Zen – The Right Stuff (New Kids On The Block)
Finger Five – I Want You Back (Jackson Five)
Bobby Jimmy – Roaches (Timex Social Club)
Chocolate “Milk” Mama – The Rain (Oran “Juice” Jones)
Dancin’ Express – Another One Bites The Dust (Queen)
Brooklyn Express – TBE (Kraftwerk)
Barron Knights – Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)
Los Rivales – Creas Que Soy Sexy (Rod Stewart)
Minipop Kids – Cruel Summer (Bananarama)
Trans Lux – Big Apple Noise (Herbie Hancock)
Country Mike – Country Delight (Sugarhill Gang)
Frederick Knight – Let Me Ring Your Bell Again (Anita Ward)
Icey – It Takes A Real Man (Rob Base)
Sissy Penis Factory – Everybody Fuck Now (C&C Music Factory)
PB Wolf – Louie, Louie (Kingsmen)
Future Flash – Erotic City (Prince)
? – White Horse (Laid Back)
2 Live Crew – One And One (The Kinks)
Fila Fresh Crew – Drink It Up (Isley Brothers)
The Mistress – I Got Your Wild Thing (Tone Loc)
L S Fresh – You Can’t Get No Pussy (2 Live Crew)
Sally – I’m That Girl (Gucci Crew)
Pretty Girls – Gucci, You’re Through (Gucci Crew)
Bobby Jimmy – Cubic Zirconium Girl (Nice N Wild)
Countdown Mix Masters – Disco Nights (GQ)
PB Wolf – Every Breath You Take (The Police)
PB Wolf – Welcome To The Jungle (GNR)