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Posted Yesterday, 05:34 PM

hello, all.


i'm James, formerly frequent contributor to the boards and part-time masturbation afficionado.  i've cranked my hands raw for the past five years trying to get something going in the music biz, but sadly i came to the realization that that dream is just never going to come true for me because i have small hands and the rap industry is filled with handsist occult leaders that make you sacrifice your young in order to gain traction within their powerful circles...


so instead, i've decided to take the next best route and place yet another silly hat on the already ridiculous amount of hats currently being worn on my head.  that hat is Kontagium -- and what is Kontagium, you may be asking?


fuck you.



...no, but seriously, Kontagium is an entertainment brand i will be pimping from here on out till the day i die or get banned from the forums, and it is a wide range of things.  it's a podcast.  it's a live radio talk show.  it's a two-man production company spotlighting everything and everyone from the top ranks of society down to the bottom -- but mostly live bands and comedians and stuff.  we are still "dark" in terms of the podcast structure (oh, look at me with my biz lingo), but the live radio show is and has always been available on Radio 1190AM every Saturday night from 7-9pm MT, after the underground hip-hop show Basementalism.


(http://www.radio1190.org/ for streaming capabilities; also, there's an app i think)


our name stems from an old-timey word that is synonymous with 'contagion' or 'virus' -- because that is what we are.  we are a fucking cancer spreading across the airwaves and infecting the fuck out of your stupid fucking ears until you can't take it anymore; your body shuts down, and you become a vector of our delicious audio-disease which spreads outward until it affects your friends, family, landlords, priests, female escorts, etc.



in other words -- we're taking this shit over whether you like it or not.


so come hop on the bandwagon and follow us into oblivion.  you can check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and of course YouTube.  otherwise, our site is officially up and running at:




below i'll link audio and video to our debut piece of content -- an interview with Israel's premier livetronica band, The G-Nome Project.




we sat down and chatted with them a bit about their influences, their start, and what to expect in the future...i know there's gotta be at least a few STMB members that are interested in this scene, so go on and check it out you so-called lovers of music.


i'll be updating this thread accordingly as time goes on...feel free to add anything or call me awful names anonymously below in the thread.  take care!








Audio-Only Shortened Interview:





Full-length Video Interview:


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