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UFO's: Let's Get Freaky

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Posted Yesterday, 11:13 PM

So, I just saw this video of some ufos over Osaka. Just wondering what y'all think about ufos in general.

Personally, if you consider the size of the universe, it is mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. If you consider the age, certainly a species could have a billion year head start. So I think it's possible. Distance is the only factor for me. But who knows.

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Posted Today, 01:08 AM

i don't agree with you at all. The physicist Brian Cox has said the that fact that there is intelligent life at all verges on mathematical impossibility, and that considering the age of the universe it's a total fluke that humanity exists. I'm with him... I believe there is undoubtedly life out there, but it's probably on a bacterial level or something. I certainly don't believe that UFOs have come anywhere near this planet... It honestly just wouldn't make sense, either they'd reveal themselves to us, blow us up, or just watch us from a distance with some super camera or something, why hover around in the sky like that? My two cents

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Posted Today, 05:40 AM

You are suggesting that, within the entire universe, no life form exists in terms of intelligence at a higher level than ours?!! I find that preposterous.

The universe is so massive that the chances for other earth like planets is absolutely countless. Scientists just found an earth like planet ("Earths cousin" it was just in the news). It is the first ever discovered in a potentially very long list. It has the conditions for life and also... a billion year head start on us.

If we assume that life evolves at a similar pace, given the conditions, this planet, the first one ever found, the first among potentially trillions upon trillions, has been granted a billion year head start over us to evolve. Who knows where they are as a species.

As long as we do not kill ourselves, imagine where we would be in a billion years. In 100 years of flight, we are already at the edge of our solar system!!! Give another Billion certainly intergalactic travel is a real possibility.

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Posted Today, 09:43 AM

Growing up I was super interested in UFOs, aliens, etc as my dad's pretty interested in that stuff. Used to listen to Coast to Coast a lot, hearing all the crazy stories from callers and guests was neat.


I don't think we're the only advanced society, with everything being so big/beyond our comprehension really it's insane to me to think that we're it. I've always been confused by people who believe in God/religion stuff but don't think there's life out there, it makes way more sense than thinking there's a fairy tale heaven/etc.


With all that said, I think that if there's any truth to the alien/ufo stuff it is more than likely all robotic/drone/etc type technology instead of like biological alien life coming down here checking things out. If you really think about it, thousands of years from now if we're not already robots ourselves, we would be sending these kinds of things all over the universe/galaxy/etc. Look at what we're already sending out there within our own solar system. 


Some interesting reading, the idea of self-replication and replicating machines in addition to machine learning are all imo a good chance of being related to how this stuff could work










As some people have said, our first contact on Earth will likely be with technology from an alien civilization, prob not any biological forms.


Edit: Another good link https://en.wikipedia...ting_spacecraft

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