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#61 Mink



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Posted Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Damn. Missed the deadline. I struggled a bit this week and stopped and restarted several times, winding up with some drum and bass thing of some description...but it needed mixing and I ran out of road time-wise


good luck to everyone

#62 Grifty-Rodriguez


    STMB Tapatío

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Posted Yesterday, 03:28 PM

didn't miss the deadline, you still have 7.5 hours

#63 Reese Forks

Reese Forks


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Posted Yesterday, 03:30 PM

What up, collab'd with a hometown homie,  JRSwiftz   (don't know if he's posting it on his page but check him)

Nothing fancy, straightup hiphop but congrats to defMute, was a good idea for collabin this round.  peece reece


#64 ElvisJC



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Posted Yesterday, 04:29 PM

#65 BuddahKillah



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Posted Yesterday, 05:40 PM

Peace yo!

#66 spvcecvsegil



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Posted Yesterday, 07:08 PM


i couldnt find a collab partner in time but heres my submission for this week.

a little rusty. ive been absent from the battle forums for a bit.

but its great to be back.

#67 emwu23



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Posted Yesterday, 07:39 PM

#68 BeatsByNonsense



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Posted Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Used the Chrome Canyon sample for the majority of the melody and one of the rhodes sounds on the other file. Chrome Canyon has a lot of good music. Thanks for putting me on to them here.


#69 Julian.Convex



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Posted Yesterday, 10:56 PM

Tzvi & Vex

#70 breakmastercylinder


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Posted Yesterday, 10:59 PM

submitting for dislotec:

#71 D-Skillz



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Posted Yesterday, 11:15 PM

Here's my entry for this week's beat battle...


#72 altek



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Posted Yesterday, 11:32 PM

My  Submission~

#73 #Setta



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Posted Yesterday, 11:46 PM



#74 RastaDolphin



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Posted Yesterday, 11:57 PM

#75 l i f

l i f


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Posted Today, 01:07 AM

ahhhhhh god what day is it. i really thought i had like no time to make that.

happy 2nd wednesday everyone.


lol! I was the total opposite... thought wednesday was tuesday and lost a day.. Too baked!!  ;D

#76 The Wig Master

The Wig Master

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Posted Today, 06:18 AM

#77 Matchy



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Posted Today, 05:39 PM

lol lydian or dorian


or MIXOlydian, that shit be crazy


but not phrygian, because that's spanish.


But yeah teach me your ways.



Also, I'd like to say I'm surprised with the quality of this weeks turnout, so props to everyone for making me look like a bitch lol

I started simple with some A Dorian, and B Aeolian, but damn my music theory is poor! http://www.conifergu...ModeTables.html is my bible at the moment. Gotta throw some new shit in every once in a while, right?!

#78 coby



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Posted Today, 06:22 PM

10/10 would collab again 

This week I worked on the track with THREE other homies:






Aside from (???), everyone has battled in STBB before. In the spirit of collaboration, we also decided to spit some of our finest freestyle bars over gpbear's STBB434 beat. We had lots of fun. Enjoy.



#79 GPBear


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Posted Today, 07:09 PM

I started simple with some A Dorian, and B Aeolian, but damn my music theory is poor! http://www.conifergu...ModeTables.html is my bible at the moment. Gotta throw some new shit in every once in a while, right?!

lol aka the minor scale,


Because of the way the black keys sit on the piano, it's actually pretty intrinsic.


that tables overcomplicating things, if you get out a piano, and run the white keys from C-C, you get the 'Ionian' mode, aka Major scale. So, arguably, 90% of the all western music is modal.


C-C Ionian

A-A Aeolian (aka the other 10% of music)


if you ever watch a movie, you know it's gonna be happy or sad within the first 30 seconds because of the music. If it's a happy movie, the composer uses happy modes. If it's sad, he uses sad songs. Happy/Sad in movies is called Comedy/Drama. In music it's called Major/Minor.


So if you take the pattern from the white keys A-A, and put that order of whole and half steps starting on any root note, you get that scales Aeolian mode.


Other scales,
C-C Ionian (major)

D-D Dorian (happy minor, jazzy)

E-E Phrygian (latin minor)

F-F Lydian (happier, campy major)

G-G Mixolydian (sadder major)

A-A Aeolian (minor)

B-B Locrian (diminished)


And then within each scale, there's usually one of the steps that you avoid. (dorian you don't play the 6th, even though that's the only difference between Dorian and Aeolian, thus in Jazz it becomes "the notes that you don't play" that matter).


Hope that helps everyone understand modal jazz, and the roots of modern hip-hop and neo-soul more. Also should ease bassline worries.

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