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LightningPill's Music Thread

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Posted Today, 06:59 PM

So, before LeftFoot1st posted what he did, me and him got to rapping about the idea of me starting fresh (there is no guarantee that everyone will really listen, but who knows). So, I said that as a way of starting over again, I'm going to post this and use this as a way to walk you through all of my stuff. After all, most threads may give you a song, but I've been recording solo projects for about five years, so it's only right that I tell you about what I had been doing in that time.


I'm going from old to new.


"Three-Eyed" Albums


Nirvana in the Age of Paranoia - I made this as an art project of sorts to kind of ease my mind about everything I was thinking of in college. I wanted to make a concept album about going through problems and trying to find some inner peace.


Who Needs Headphones? - This album was dedicated to the moment where you are walking down the street and you just happened to imagine a song that you have never heard before. The instinct that inspires many a songwriter.


11:12 EP - You know about 11:11, the time where people hold their breaths and wish upon a star (or a sun). This album was based upon that. Before I made this, I was playing with my toy keyboard and making music underneath the name 11:12. I highly regret not holding on to those.


while everyone's resting - Another instrumental concept album about the nighttime. Back in college, I would walk around the campus at night, when I was feeling bored, hungry or like getting out of the dorms. No problems at night, plus, when I got home, I was a crazy insomniac. Like couldn't sleep till it was about 4, and sometimes even got to see the sun rise. So, the album is about the things that go on during the nighttime.


codeine 3 - an aborted EP where I write three ambient/classical scores based upon the feeling of taking codeine.


spacemusicvol1 - I never did create a vol. 2 to this, huh? It's an album that helps to aid my then-obsession with spacemusic (or new age, to some of you). I've always been kind of a spacer-outer, and listening to spacemusic like Patrick O'Hearn or Christopher Franke makes me feel like I am actually hearing the twinkle of stars or the sweeping of spacedust. This album was a huge homage to that genre and my vesoin of what space sounded like.


The Futurist or mentalwardkindofjoy EP - One is a score based upon whether the Futurist is an old school hero or a daydreamer and mentalwardkindofjoy is based upon one song and an aborted Valentine's Day EP.


I Was An Astronaut Before We Went to Space - I've tried and failed to do what I said I'd do here. I said I would make an instrumental album about Asperger's Syndrome, mostly because I had ill performance anxiety. I remember the first time I wrote two or three song on guitar. I was nervous as hell, and I hated how "sensitive" I sounded. So, all of it is just music.


Play Like a Listener EP - Just me playing some "piano", created after being incredibly frustrated at my inability to find musicians to play with.


Vesuvius EP - Years later, I decided to mess around with my keyboard and Garageband. This is what resulted. My first real beat/Electronic EP. (Just so you know, when I say I make beats tapes, you will NOT hear jazz or R&B samples. It's all avant-hop/electronic stuff.)


The rest of the stuff? It's just loose tracks.


Liftoff to Elsewhere: This was the first record that I ever put out that wasn't released only by me. Belgian Man, a formerly local record label caught me at a basement show and released this for me. I had a crazy crisis of faith in whatever talent I had after that. Oh yeah, it's a concept about lifting off into space, as you will hear more often than you will with my older stuff above.


My lyrical stuff:


Awkward Stage - Remember when I told you guys that I had a crisis of faith and performance anxiety? Well,  I channeled it in this album. I'm still debating whether or not to get rid of this album. I wrote it when I was around 20-21? The picture is of me in my dorm house on Halloween.


Your Boy is Growing Up - I emerged from the other side of that anxiety victorious!!! (crowd goes wild) But this collection of songs represented also one of the few albums that will ever catch me playing guitar again, as in a few years, I would have lost my interest in guitar.


Various Spaces EP - Back when I was suffering from an ill bout of anxiety and depression (It's no joke, man!), my at-the-time girlfriend had a keyboard and my new computer didn't have the old Windows Sound Recorder setting that allowed me to manipulate sounds, chop them up and make anything resembling a beat. So, I borrowed her keyboard and improvised some electronic ideas.


In Her Bedroom - Same girl ,same bedroom, same keyboard, same playful idea to start making beats as a way to cure my boredom and to keep busy musically. This is one of a few pieces of music underneath the name blank videotapes, influenced by my interest in directing music videos.


Last New Years - Long story.  I was supposed to stay with my girl over New Years, and her mom wigged out thinking she wasn't told about any of it. It fucked up my New Years with her, and my plan to create an EP based on the amount of songs I wrote in between one year and another. 


Proletariat Pop EP - Just three songs I wrote and sang using two different keyboards. I'd say it's one of my favorite EPs because I was playing a lot with mood sounds. "Sleepless Night" was a song about how I was booked to play at a show and lost a crazy amount of sleep over what song I was looking to play live or whether they were meant to be done as such at all.


Maintenance Man: This was just an album I created as a means to get through a turbulent time in my life. It's very personal, a therapeutic exercise of sorts, and I was so happy that I had a full album on deck that I decided to put it all together and push.


Peephole Special 1 & 2: This year, I had decided to get off my butt, put out my music all over blogs, Twitter, anywhere I can get it out. I was heavily inexperienced when it came to pushing music, but I decided to do so by posting this album, which was a preview of what I had been working on late last year, while creating...


humanbeyondrepair vol. 1: ...my album about what it is like to have Asperger's Syndrome! I'm working on number 2 and another new project as we speak, but this is the album where I decided to push my work and get my name out there. I wanted to create an album about what it is like, what it actually is...basically inform and educate while entertaining. I have been trying to play some tracks off this album live for a while now.


blank fires: I created this two years ago, and never thought that the album was anywhere near done. It probably still isn't, but I am happy with it. It was supposed to be a mix of beats, electronic soundscapes, experimental scores, etc. It was supposed to be my exercise in making a real electronic ALBUM.


And last but not least,...


Lo-Fi Remixes - Self explanatory.  I remixed sons by Bike For Three, clipping, Dragon Fli Empire, all of it as a means to keep busy.


Again all the other stuff I didn't mention on that page are tracks that didn't go on any album.


I know most people post this as a means to showcase one or two new songs, but fuck it. Who am I kidding? I have a crazy amount. I even have rarities on my Soundcloud. (You can skip the rap tracks, if you so choose) So, dig in. I have some great, if not better, shit to come in the future. In the meantime, I would love to hear some of your old shit. Like really old shit, so I can hear where you came from, and where you are from now.

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Posted Today, 07:38 PM

Jesus Christ you got a lot of work... I'm def gonna have to have a sit down tomorrow and listen to a few of these...thanks for summing it all up into one place...this would've been a shit load of threads!

Is this in chronological order too?

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Posted Today, 07:58 PM

Jesus Christ you got a lot of work... I'm def gonna have to have a sit down tomorrow and listen to a few of these...thanks for summing it all up into one place...this would've been a shit load of threads!

Is this in chronological order too?


Not all of them. I was just naming them by order of when I had posted them on the site. There are some stuff off of the bandcamp that I don't remember when I finish. All I know is you will most definitely hear a progression in both creativity and maybe even quality, the more you listen. Notice that in my three-eyed days, I was all into New Age/Ambient/Electronic music. I must have been some kind of indigo child back then.

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