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Intro to Lightning Pill/CSOIM

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Posted Yesterday, 07:12 PM

What's up? I go by lightning pill on twitter and AFROPUNK. I'm a 26-year old blogger, musician, songwriter, poet. I thought it would be good for me to hip you and anyone here to my stuff and what I have in store. 


This year, I released two things: Peephole Special and humanbeyondrepair. I'll try and get into detail without boring y'all.


Peephole Special are two digital 7" singles which contain songs that I had created, while trying to put together humanbeyondrepair. They couldn't be put together as one EP, as they don't really flow toether as one. They can both be found here for free download:






The album in question is a trilogy album that I had planned to create that is based upon the concept of having Asperger's Syndrome. While I have been playing with my keyboards for six years or so, it is only last year that I came up with the idea to tell people what it is like to have Asperger's. The reasoning for this was simple. There are plenty of musicians, actors, people in general who have autism or Aspergers. Craig Nicholls, Ladyhawke, Gary Numan are musicians with Asperger's Syndrome, of course, but what I wished they had done was create something to suck people within the mindset of an Aspie. I felt this was my obligation, due to the overall eye-rolling thought that people who carry the word "syndrome" within their disabilities are retards (and is thus used, mostly my ig'nant ghetto types as an insult of one's intelligence),


humanbeyondrepair is both a crash course in Aspie Syndrome and a tall middle finger to the ignorant types. It's my chance to try and share my story, if by chance I couldn't make something for other Aspies to simply relate to.


To do this, I worked out a sound that is playful, insular, heartfelt, honest, funny, and eccentric. The three genres that would describe this kind of music is: antifolk, lo-fi, new wave.




If you want to see my blogs, go to www.afropunk.com/CharcoalSketchesoftheInvisibleMan (which is my imaginary band and the place where I post all of my blogs and articles), and to hear more expermental fuckery of mine, go to www.soundcloud.com/csoim-blank-vids. See you there. :-)


I really hope that you enjoy both of those, as I am working on a new project, before I continue onto the next two installments. For now, take a listen to what I had created so far, and stay tuned for my upcoming shit.

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