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Battle-Feedback[constructive criticism]


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#1 bgalbkatz



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Posted Yesterday, 05:17 AM


I love this forum. I love these battles.


I've been really wanting to get more feedback on my battle-beats.

I wonder if more people here feel like me -

Usually the feedback I personally get is very concise(which is totally understandable, sooo many beats).

I figured why not make a group of people who want to get(and are committed to give) constructive criticism, one that would be more comprehensive?


Say every week each producer who wants to participate writes(personally) about anothers beat.

We'll devide it so that everyone gets feedback once, and gives feedback once.

[we can also make it 2 feedbacks per week]


What do you guys think?

#2 drkatz



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Posted Yesterday, 06:14 AM

I don't know. I'm not super active on these forums but I do at least attempt to mess with the sample almost every week. Although I know it's tough trying to get feedback for your beats, but I don't really think everyone should be required to give feedback. voting is enough feedback IMO. make your shit stand out if you want feedback on your stuff. or post on a different forum dedicated to giving feedback (i.e. reddit.com/r/makinghiphop has a daily feedback thread) 


This is just my opinion, but I don't think everyone should be required to review someone else's stuff on these. Everyone should absolutely be required to listen to all of them though. And if the track is good, or bad, usually people will respond. If you're getting literally no response from your beats, you gotta try something different. The votes speak for themselves. 


just my 2¢

#3 bgalbkatz



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Posted Yesterday, 07:00 AM

That's exactly what I said.

It's not supposed to be mandatory(there are LOTS of beats),


but for those of us who want to get a more thorough feedback, I think such a sub-group would be really good.


I'm basically talking about a "dedicated sub-forum"(it may be a soundcloud group, a different thread, whatever), where anyone participating commits to give a thorough feedback to another producer(we will have a little lottery to see who's giving feedback to whom).


That way, members of this "subgroup" would get at least one thorough feedback per week.

[ex. feedback may be: "love the intro, 0:39 a bit annoying high frequency, I'd compress the kick a lil more, awesome syncopated hi-hat pattern"]

I think there are many talented peeps here and I'd love to know what they mean when they comment "dope flip" or "diggin your drums"

#4 Mink



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Posted Yesterday, 10:36 AM

Really pleased you posted this.


As someone trying to learn the art of this and develop as a producer (have been many years on the MC'ing side of things), I absolutely LOVE the beat battles. It's fun to try flipping something in a fairly time-limited period and compare to the many and varied approaches other producers take.


There's only one problem....In most cases, the feedback is only superficial at best and I see why thats the case as there are way too many joints published each week for people to seriously crit them so I'm not moaning about that. What is a bit frustrating though, is that it's hard to know which elements to improve on and which areas I'm doing well with already and need to keep doing. 


I understand there are different styles and some simply don't 'feel' a particular style. I know I have not always rated entries that are getting numerous votes that highly. But from a purely technical and encouragement level - it does feel like there is something missing which would be a massive benefit to the community.


The problem is - how to make it work. I don't think any of the voting process on the beat battles shoudl change. I like the idea of a sub-group but don't like the idea of a lottery to stipulate person x gives feedback to person y....sometimes things come down to taste....I am less likely to give value to someone making DnB beats than I am to someone trying to pull some golden-age-style funk angle. Perhaps a sub-group, where people can post links to previous weeks battle tracks and ask for crit - then leaves the option of critiquing things up to the individual. Maybe someone just wants crit on their mixing, or the way they sample-chopped. Others may just want to know what they are doing which isn't turning on the listeners who are voting. 


Key thing though is it shouldn't just be a closed group for people trying to improve. It needs input from guys who are on top of their game too, otherwise it's use is limited.


Not even sure this messageboard is the *right* place for it, but I certainly share your frustration and desire to figure out a solution

#5 bgalbkatz



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Posted Yesterday, 02:21 PM

I'll count you in ;)


The voting on the battles definitely shouldn't change.


The reason I think it should work like a lottery is because otherwise someone might post and not get feedback at all.


About the nature of the feedback - Obviously there's a matter of style, but as you've said, if you don't "feel" the genre, you can always write about the mixing, or whatever you would change, while stating that's only your personal style.

I believe there are elements of music that even non-fans of a genre can relate to.


I also think that criticizing other's works is beneficial from a production point of view as in "how would I make it sound better"


Anyway let's see if there are more people like us here.


#6 Farmer Dillo

Farmer Dillo


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Posted Today, 08:35 AM

it might be easier to follow up the comments yourself by messaging people back on soundcloud, 

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