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Need honest advice on sound quality.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:18 AM

hey there, i've been saving up for decent studio monitors but i've been using cheap monitors for a while now(at least the casing is made out of wood) and I realized that i'm not ready to release anything serious since I feel i'm in the dark, I keep postponing the release of an e.p.. I don't know how my shit sounds on good speakers!! The good thing though is that I know those speakers, i know how reference tracks sound on them. I still use a spectrogram to compare and use all the tricks to use with shitty speakers(putting you hand on speaker for lows, room sweetspots,etc..) with reference tracks but still. I need some honest advice( i don't have any real life friends that are producers,not that I have that many online either...). Not about the ideas or the structure though, that's subjective... Just the sound. There's probably too much hi-mids, not enough bass. Or maybe I'm just too paranoid about this. Thanks in advance.


Let's say, this track for example, I sidechain the bass to the kick, is the bass bassy enough:



Does it sound like shit? What should I improve in terms of frequencies? Thanks in advance.


BTW, when I say reference tracks(Great Dane, Hudmo,Lorn..), those don't include any from the badly mastered last FlyLo album(eh!eh!)...bad joke..

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Posted Yesterday, 05:25 PM

That definitely sounds good to me. The advice I'd give is just run with it, and when you get better equipment, use it to your advantage. But there's no problem with that the way it is.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:26 PM

*Monitors don't matter.

Cheap monitors will do just as good a job as expensive ones as long as you're referencing on other systems and it sounds good on everything then you're sweet. *High grade monitors will just help you get a good mix faster. I went from just using studio headphones to mix (referencing on hi fi systems and other sets of headphones around the house), to getting some nice new monitors and all it did was help me get my mixes finished in a 1/4 of the time it used to take on the headphones, which is still worth the investment. Good monitors are more transparent but they won't make YOU a better mixer. No amount of equiptment will make you better at anything in-fact. 4/5 mix engineers will tell you 'if it sounds good in a car stereo (even a cheap car stereo), then you're usually all good' this is because cars have the most unorthodox speaker placement. It's only when you start getting into the higher echelons of mixing and equipment (high end studios, outboard gear etc etc) that monitors are going to make noticlable differences to the sound of your final product. And even then it's usually just personal preference and what people are most comfortable using...

Hope that helps! (Mix sounds fine)

Edit: if anything your mixes will probably get worse for a while once you get new monitors because your ears are accustomed to the monitors you're already using. There's always a little break in phase when you get new monitors where your ears will have to re-adjust to the new frequency spectrum.
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