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Kendrick Lamar

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#151 James Frank.

James Frank.

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Posted Today, 04:15 PM

not sure, but he/she/they aren't like a popular group by any means.

it's literally as if we all just saw like Shuffle Jack or Linkrust pop-up on a major release...

which is pretty fucking crazy when you think about it.

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Posted Today, 05:29 PM

My impression of Jackal:  "I'm not a big fan of something so I'm going to go onto message boards and talk about it more than anyone else, especially the big fans"


Really though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not sure why people pay so much close attention to things that they don't really like.  Only Kendrick Lamar track I know well is Never Catch Me, didn't like anything I heard on Section 80 or GKMC, therefore I pretty much ignore the Kendrick Lamar thread.


LMAO this thread though.. 


I get where you're coming from, but if you're not interested in Kendrick at all then why did you come into this thread then??


Also, why is it off limits having an in depth discussion about music? Isn't the point of a message board to discuss music? Are we only allowed to express our opinions if we're on the exact same page as everybody else?

Also, as I've said before I DO like Kendrick. It's not like I'm just here to shit on everybody's opinions of him. Other people think GKMC is great, and I really don't understand why. Hence why I asked... I do come here to learn, as well as to teach. I want to know what other people think, and I want to express myself.


I also didn't pay much attention to GKMC till a bunch of hip hop heads started saying shit like "It's this generations Aquemini" and "It's one of the best hip hop albums of the decade. Kendrick is the best rapper out there now" 

And this being mostly a forum of fellow hip hop heads and music enthusiasts, I didn't think it was ridiculous to question an albums status.

I thought members of this forum were more mature than that. Instead I was dismissed as a hater and repeatedly blown off by multiple members... I must not be as upset as the people who are basically telling me to fuck off. But I am frustrated. When I found this forum I thought I had found a good home to discuss music/art/film with other similarly minded enthusiasts. 

I've had a lot of great discussions in the film thread. I've had great discussions in a few other threads... I didn't think this thread would be any different. Boy was I wrong. 


I remember when Nate Jackson Kills Niggas started a thread about how MF DOOM was overrated. Did I jump down his throat and call him a hater? No. I, along with several other members of this message board, RESPECTFULLY gave varying IN DEPTH reasons as to why we thought he WASN'T overrated.

Why is everyone getting so sensitive about Kendrick? It's as if I've kicked a hornets nest. And oddly enough I still haven't been given any real good reason as to why the album is worth it's merits. Yet if you go over to that DOOM thread you'll see lots of varying great reasons as to why DOOM deserves all of the respect he receives.. Similarly if anyone challenged any of my favorite albums I'd gladly  have a discussion with them. I'd find it fun! But for some reason people don't have fun having discussions here unless their opinions are being reaffirmed for some reason. It's just weird to me is all.

It's as if these forums are populated by Kendrick Lamar's friends and family and they're all butt hurt that I have the gall to dare criticize such an unquestionable masterpiece lololol. 


Anyway, again, if someone wants to have a respectful/peaceful/intelligent discussion I'm all for it. And what's wrong with that? So far people have basically told me to keep my opinions to myself, twisted my words, been very disrespectful, and called me a hater lol

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