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#1 J Lylla

J Lylla


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Posted Today, 07:54 AM

STBB #403




Vote in this thread with...





Everybody votes!
Even if you didn't make a beat you can vote
List as many beats as you like but only vote for 1

Respect yourself and others by keeping it legit


Vote until Friday Midnight Pacific time
Winner - post new sample, rules, etc - by Saturday Noon Pacific time


STBB Beat Battle FAQ!



Follow the winners blog HERE


#2 J Lylla

J Lylla


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Posted Today, 08:07 AM

Crazy week peeps, everything unexpected, everything different. Finally, as a resume, I could say that I really liked the change regarding ruleset and exclusions - but: I think it was slightly overcharged, too many options, too many rules applying for three different options, too many samples and stuff. It was clear that not so many people would participate this week and now the comparability has more or less gone. I think it was a nice try and good kick in the ass for quite a few cats and I was actually missing many of whom I think there is great potential in musicality (DopplerEffectEnt?).


So here are my favs:




tyler ambrosius 








An><ways, still dopey flips this week and my clear vote goes to:

#3 Heavy Drama

Heavy Drama

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Posted Today, 08:13 AM

Ha I was about to post this exact thread but thought I'd refresh just in case...big up J Lylla.


I'll book this spot for my vote....

#4 monopolejoe



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Posted Today, 08:32 AM

NARIMAN is my favorite one for #403.


I pick this one over the rest that i've heard for #403 because the way Nariman approached the IDM/EDM beat was similar to what I was going for in my entry musically. I really dig the whole vibe of it. Its a great representation of how I picture the genres in my head.  Great job man.


Honorable Mentions:










Lady Snowblood

#5 illiptic



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Posted Today, 09:05 AM

I loved the rules this week, and also loved the wide choice of samples. Made us all think and work harder and discouraged having a thousand producers submiting boom bap beats.


My vote this week goes to density for fitting that my girl accapella in very well with a reggae beat. 


See you guys for #404!


-tyler a

#6 Farmer Dillo

Farmer Dillo


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Posted Today, 09:45 AM


#7 gigo



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Posted Today, 10:24 AM

In no particular order:

Sayjak - very slick...made me wish i had a hookah set-up--ending was a bit of a stretch, though

gis_sweden - reminded me of Mr. Oizo

saadyah tzvi - jazz fuze?? you pushed the boundaries of the rules, my man
Īṃƥɵʂşiƃɭȅ∞Ƞ૦ƫȟįȵğ - my brain

density - because you made the Reggae track I would have made
fivepee - because of that dope wa wa wa waaaa waaaa waaaa sound and the deep groove at the end
Lady-Snowblood - because you made me forget I was listening with purpose, and, suddenly, I was simply enjoying it
Scout - because it led me all the way to that dope ending
l i f - you a magician? I started itching

Butta Slick - because it reminded me of Ambient Works
FRIS - Great IDM - very The Orb-ish
k l a y e . - drumgasm
CardboardStapler - that sidechain!

JoaGymshoe - those bendy bass notes had me. very strange track, son!
Lexiuss - sexy, yo.

constrobuz - that shit made me wish I had boosted my track and shelved my low-end. Bastard. ;) Very ■-pusher

M. Robin - minimal that kept my interest. nicely done.

Farmer Dillo - ran the gambit. weird as shit, and kept me interested


In particular order:


!!! tyler ambrosius - shit made me MOVE - wish there was more of it!


!!!Mason James - that bass hit my chest like the dankest puffs. and that OSC speed pattern was dopeeeee


!!!Scottie Royal - The production and composition was amazing, and the strangeness of it was very appealing. Super weird. Super chord changes!


!!!HYDROFONIK - because you also made the Raggae track i would have made, and did it with such grace.


!!!ACKTRON & 8BitSS - Yet another Reggae Track that I would have made ;) Shit was ILLLLL


!!!Qurz - I thought this track was really well produced - very simple, but to the point EDM. Great use of samples.


Billinksi + N/M - So tight. So. Tight.

There were more I wanted to mention but you didn't follow the rules :/ wamp wamp

#8 Pawel G.

Pawel G.


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Posted Today, 11:29 AM

My fav 5:



k l a y e . - probably the only track sounding like jazz and also following the rules

Mason James

Billinski /Nothing/Masters

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