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STBB #403

STBB 403 Genre

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#31 Qurz



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Posted Yesterday, 12:07 PM

Went with IDM, dont know if got it quite right since i never heard of the genre before, i checked youtube for some tracks.


#32 Chopperman



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Posted Yesterday, 02:12 PM

I'm compiling another STBB Gold mix. Any winning battle beats are more than welcome. The one's I've compiled so far are Kynes for battle 365, el-R for 371, Joa for 373, Scottie for 374, 388 and 391, Baylum for 378, Breakmaster for 380, WalkingShoe for 382, Niklaze for 385, Slanteyez for 379, Sample Sickness for 366, and Drunken Master for 392. Anyone with winning beats other than these and the ones on the first comp at chopperstapes.bandcamp.com/album/stbb-gold , send them to chopperman404@gmail.com if I can use them for the next mix. Also, I'm about to update the page at facebook.com/beatbattletrophycabinet

I let it slide for a while but I plan on staying on top of that shit now. Go and subscribe if you want updates for victorious flips and compilations of them. Peace!


#33 CardboardStapler



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Posted Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Here's mine, I went for the edm/idm category, or at least followed the rules for that one ;)
Used the Matthew Larkin Cassell with one of those Rhodes samples and one of your field recordings with a little bit of the acapella just for the weirdness in the 'intro'

#34 ClaytonG.



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Posted Yesterday, 10:07 PM

#35 abstraKtbeatz



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Posted Yesterday, 11:34 PM

#36 right-On



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Posted Today, 03:55 AM


Very quick flip, went jazzy on the hats

#37 Scottie Royal

Scottie Royal


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Posted Today, 05:05 AM

Congrats MUMA on the victory. Question for the IDM/EDM genre rules:


- A maximum of 1 VST or SYNTH is allowed, so try to understand your OSC’s


Does this mean only one instance of that VST or can you use as many instances as use want? I figure it is the former since there are many great vsts which would eliminate the difficulty of this special rule (Massive comes to mind, hell I'd even dust off Hypersonic 2! :mellow: )


Field recording video was cool, but it seems like a lot of work for something already readily available through my synth library.


Now I can say: I saw a man making a synth out of a field recording once, it was very unnecessary, except I kinda want to do the fusion style, so maybe not..? :unsure:


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#38 A C K T R O N - B E A T S

A C K T R O N - B E A T S


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Posted Today, 09:03 AM

me and the 8bits soundsystem.

#39 gis_sweden



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Posted Today, 11:30 AM

This is not a task for an SP-404 but I dont care. I enter the EDM path but not the IDM... Rather UDM (Unintellegent Dance Music). Used Electronics8 and Zoom0001. I have no DAW,but with he help of VST-Host i made a simple basline with Bass-Cruncher. And as a "stab" i used a recordning from Teletubbies  :rolleyes: 

#40 gigo



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Posted Today, 12:34 PM

Hope you guys enjoy, if you got questions holla at me! :D


Thanks again for the votes, comments, plays, likes and everything!!


So. Let me get this straight. I can use as many/much rhodes/zoom as I want, as much of only one of the two provided samples, and as much outside drum as I want. As far as the one synth/vst rule--can the settings be tweaked/pitched up down/generally screwed with as long as it is in synth? Can there be multiple tracks of said synth playing simultaneously (not as in polyphony), or are we limited to one track of synth (i.e. no monophonic on one channel and poly on another)?


Thanks for the dope selection, well-crafted rules, and amazing beat last week.




#41 Soul-Jutsu



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Posted Today, 01:34 PM

Congrats on last weeks win Muma and great work with the rules this week.  I went for the Jazz Fusion option.


I'm not that familiar with the genre but it was the restrictions that caught my interest.  When I make beats whatever happens kind of happens so stylistically I hope that this qualifies.




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