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Video Games

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#1 James Frank.

James Frank.

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Posted Today, 10:43 AM

how the fuck has this not been a thread yet?

i checked, and of the few that are in the message board abyss, none of them have this broad of a topic for their titles, it's always something super specific like "favorite video game" or "what game are you playing right now?"


this is supposed to be a much more broad discussion of video games and the subculture in general, in the same vein of the television, film and animation threads.  so..........comments?




this new Smash Bros. game is making me turgid in my underoos...

but it'll be a long time before i actually get to play it, cause we don't have a Wii U in my household and we're pretty poor as it is haha.




i'm stuck in the past with my tastes anyway, the last few games i've played were these old James Bond games for the PS1 and N64 (not Goldeneye 007) to research for a future (atj) episode.  i've always been amazed by how much variety exists within the umbrella culture of video games...

#2 mangoes cash

mangoes cash

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Posted Today, 10:54 AM

Momzi never let me have a console, tho they are clearly the better platform, I am a mobile games guy.

RAD SOLDIERS is the shizzznit. Its like modern day chess, but better! I have had it for two years and have played it everyday since. No joke.


#3 Beatronome


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Posted Today, 11:31 AM

I have a PS2, a gameboy color and no smartphone; so needless to say, most gaming is going on on a laptop nowadays.

I mostly like either sports (actually just Fifa, fuck it I'm European), or race games with a twist (CTR all day!) and otherwise tactical stuff like C&C, AoE, Starcraft, Total War and the likes. Latest video game discovery is this turn based Dutch game called Age of Wonders III which just came out this year. The mechanics are incredible. Definitely underrated. Never heard of the series before, but this thing might make me check out the previous installments too.

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Posted Today, 01:36 PM

Hardcore console gamer since birth. Just finished spending a thoroughly disappointing month with destiny, now I'm in game limbo

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