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Is Hip-Hop a Joke?

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#1 James Frank.

James Frank.

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Posted Today, 05:43 PM


So today I was setting up some sound for this "Empathy Week" thing they're doing on campus that basically informs us all about sex trafficking and how it's a really bad thing...that's besides the point.

Anyway, I was setting up sound specifically for this acoustic guitarist who played some stuff as people came in and sat down. I tried steering the quick conversation we had to his music, and asked him if he records any of his stuff. I then tried hinting that I do music myself in my spare time, and I've always wamted to meld electronic and acoustic instrumentation together. He didn't seem to care as I was saying this, but I sorta described my sound as "experimental hip-hop". IMMEDIATELY his eyes glazed over and he basically just lost any interest he had whatsoever, and said something passive-aggressively polite like "well, that's what sells these days."

So that was that; I didn't even bother asking him if he would maybe be interested in collaborating, because I could see the answer on his face already. Instead, my question now is this: what the fuck is so wrong with hip-hop? Do any of you other producers out there feel this heavy stigma coming from musicians in other genreswhy is that, shouldn't we be past that shit by now? It's 2014, we're not in the fucking MC Hammer days anymore. In my eyes, hip-hop has evolved tremendously over the past ten, twenty years, and has more than proven itself worthy of academic praise (ahem, Aesop Rock)...so why the fuck is hip-hop still so far from being respected academically? It really pisses me off when I have to excuse my genre and vainly try to convince people that "no, I'm doing this SMART rap, not that DUMB bassy rap you hear everywhere else."

So, thoughts? Any of you guys find youself dealing with this constantly?

#2 EdTheYounger


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Posted Today, 07:37 PM

Fuck that guy. Sounds like he picked up a guitar in the hope his pussy revenue would go up, and then when he saw all the hip hop kids getting mad pussy he got salty.

But real talk. I remember slug from atmosphere saying he had a phone conversation with tom waits once and was blown away when tom starting asking him about what he thought of kanyes latest album and he was going in to full detail about sample selections and drops etc etc... that's a musician... This kid isn't a musician, clear cut. Don't get pissed off about people like this. Feel sorry for them. I mean imagine how plain and boring their music library's and tastes must be to not even entertain the idea of other genres having something to offer.... It's like eating the same meal 3 times a day all your life.
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Posted Today, 09:25 PM

It kinda is though...I mean everyone knows Rick Ross was a CO and he still sells millions of records about his "gangbanging" lifestyle....that's some good comedy right there.

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