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Egon on G.P.

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#31 quikfit


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Posted Yesterday, 12:19 PM

I really dont like this egon cat..dont see whats so significant about him..he name drops, acts arrogant, looks boyish, has this annoying eager personality...seems like he's constantly trying to prove that he's cool by naming all these famous and talented people he hangs with...but whats his talent, why does he even have fame? I know i am dropping a lot of hate here, and you guys seem to love this cat, but i am actually asking here ... whats the deal? some one fill me in. 

Aleister - you have got to be kidding?!? Do some research before you drop so much (self-acknowledge) hate. Egon was huge part of ST. To be fair, there as been a falling out and no longer works for the label. (Not sure why this post is in the ST section at all.....)
I think it's wild he wasn't in the ST Doc at all, but they were the creative behind it, so fair enough....
Anyway, here is a bio from the Now Again site: http://www.nowagainrecords.com/egon/
Points to note would be:
- Stones Throw Records General Manager from 2000-2011
- Producer, A&R, and Manager
- contributor to respected music publications 
- Creative Director of the J Dilla Estate
- Partners with Madlib in Madlib Invazion
- Owner of Now-Again Records (in my opinion one of the best independent labels around today)

Dude does a lot of work from finding interesting new talent, to reissuing some incredible music that might otherwise be lost....

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#32 SwampThing


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Posted Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Egon straight boyish though



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Posted Yesterday, 06:23 PM

ST Artist....




All the things the guy does as mentioned in recent posts just - Do your research and you will see that Egon.... is an Egonist. Cutting his own lane.

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#34 Dirty Cyclist

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Posted Yesterday, 06:42 PM

name dropping is if you see a celebrity in a club and talk about it, what he does is oral history son. (among the rest of what's been said)

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Posted Today, 07:48 PM

" ...here is a bio from the Now Again site..."

exactly my point. Do you see anywhere on this website PBW's list of credentials posted? Of course not, because that is just lame and ridiculous . And this type of annoying self-important, self-promoting attitude is displayed in every interview i see of him. Seems very reminiscent of that pete marriot  dude on these boards; who yall seem to hate for exactly the reasons i dislike Egon. Sure he's accomplished some cool shit, i dig his label, i'll give him that ... but for christ's sake, he just needs to take it easy and infest in some modesty. Now watch a PBW interview ... modest, soft spoken, hesitate to talk about himself ...reserved. Egon is just plain off-putting; regardless of his mildly impressive credentials. 

#36 SwampThing


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Posted Today, 09:18 PM

i really am confused. your main point seems to be that Egon is some kind of shameless, self-promoting, bragging dick.


could you pull some quotes that highlight this? I've never once gotten this impression. A dude being interviewed is going to talk about the people he's worked with and hung with... who are these names he's apparently dropping so flagrantly and without warrant? the Madlib? Dilla? Van Peebles? I literally have no idea what you're on about with this...


from your first post it seems like you didn't really even know who he was beforehand... You like Now Again, and his work there as a curator of incredible compilations, surely you like the projects he worked on/put together for Stones Throw? Surely you're a fan of his work putting together Madlib Invazion with Madlib? Or his work traveling the globe and bringing us the dopest cuts from places we'd never see? He's a VERY accomplished guy, and probably makes comparatively little doing what he does. He's got no real fame, less people know/talk about him than Madlib even. Are you jealous of his life story? I know I am. don't let it get you bitter! 


Dude's eager because he's passionate about music, and sharing music. If you just don't like his general personality in the few interviews we have with him, eh you're entitled to your opinion on that I suppose. don't let him sit with you at the lunch table I guess...


PBW's a different guy, and you wanna talk self-aggrandizing how about cutting the 10-year general manager (Egon) out of the self-produced Stones Throw documentary? No offense to Wolf, but he seems to lay back in the cut most of the time now, making power moves like signing new acts, whereas Egon, to me, seems like he's got feet on the ground, running around doing a new thing every month.

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