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preorder for "Serenity" vinyl/cd/tape

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 04:16 AM



sneak peak at my upcoming album !! here's the album cover and a strange copy/paste from my facebook post (artist names will show up weird)

cant wait to share this with you guys!!


here we go!! some info my upcoming album "Serenity". The project is a dedication to one of my best friends who passed away in 2010, Ryan Nuckolls - as well as a dedication to friends and family, lost loved ones, and life in general. Finding serenity/happiness is a common goal of humanity. Some of us get lost in the battle.

The album features some of my favorite artists and some of my best friends - it's a true blessing to have been able to put this together. i'm gonna run through who's on the album, but not really talk about the tracks much.. that will come later when the album is around. with that said, the theme and concept of the album remains consistent throughout, though beliefs and opinions can vary.

-the title track features two of my fav mcs of all time Iam AG and General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun - the fact that this track exists is a testament to the fact that if you dream something up, believe in it sincerely, and have the courage to pursue it, you can make it happen. Nothing but respect to both of these incredibly humble human beings.

-track 2 features my brother from another mother Colby Curtis .. thanks for the beautiful track fam!! Extremely talented and one hell of a human being.. without this track something would have been missing from the album - and though some of you have heard this live - when you hear it in the context of the album i believe it will make even more sense

-track 3 features C-Rayz Walz , another favorite of mine for over a decade now, and another example of a dream come true. we have been building and working for a long time, though this is our debut solo track.

-track 4 features another great friend of mine Charmingly Ghetto . we have been working together for awhile now, and the work we do has always been meaningful and progressive. Another member of the team, and someone you will be hearing much more of.

-track 5 is a remix of the "Serenity" instrumental by a good friend (and producer i look up to) Brad Parks , featuring one of my favorite djs - DJ Grazzhoppa . This concludes side A of the record and is a mantra or contemplative piece.

-track 6 sets the mood for side B and is by a producer named "Maw-" . been buggin out over his music for awhile now and wanted to hear his take on the Serenity instrumental as well - HAD to use it for the album and i feel like its a perfect intro to side B

-track 7 features another good friend and extremely talented mc Chel Mechale Strong - we've been working on an album together for the past few months, but this is one of the joints that really set us off in a certain direction. A taste of whats to come

track 8 features K Sparks . about a year or so ago CG brought me out to k. sparks house. without a doubt he was one of the coolest and most humble artists i had met (not to mention talented!!). because of this i knew i had to reach out to him when i started working on the album... and i believe the track is incredible.

track 9 features another long time friend and a meaningful part of my musical development Fish Grease !! most of you who follow me are already familiar with him, but this is a track you havnt heard yet!! you will be hearing more from me and him for as long as we can make music (As long as your patient.. haha). the outro of the track features Charmingly Ghetto.. a duo i hope we get to hear more often in the future.

track 10 is another remix of the serenity instrumental by the homie ChromadaData .. an EXTREMELY talent musician outta my home town Kansas City Missouri. Similar to Maw-, a producer ive looked up to for awhile now but never got a chance to work with.. this track came out incredible!!! its a "finale" of sorts (but not the last track) and features 4 MCs -
MC Dialect (colby curtis appears again)
Charmingly Ghetto
M-Dot - another person who i HAD to have on the project.. not only a fan of his music but he's always been a great friend to me - humble, respectful, and genuine. nothing but respect.
S.DUB - out of everyone featured on the album this is who i've known the longest. back in early highschool, Ryan introduced the two of us. though we didnt hang out all the time, we been through a lot together and seen many things. losing Ryan as a friend is something that needed to spoke on during this album and i needed someone else involved who knew Ryan. when i thought of Shon i knew it had to happen.. and the results are crazy dope! really means a lot to me

track 11 is the final track, an outro to the project. it features another great friend and talented artist Mike Gerbino - he's the first mc i EVER worked with back when i was 16 or 17 first making beats that anyone could really rap to. based on the theme and concept of the album, it would have never been complete without a track by Mike. this song is very important and is the perfect outro to the album (in my opinion).

anyways - i hope that gave some insight on the project and who is featured on it and way. the theme and concept remains throughout the project and i truly believe we put together something solid and cohesive. i cannot wait to share this with everyone!!!!!!!!! major shoutout to Cold Busted Cold Busted - without the label none of this would have been possible

peace to everyone!! let me know if you have any questions (typed this fast, sorry for any typos and bad grammar)


1. Serenity
featuring A.G. (of D.I.T.C.); General Steele (of Smif-N-Wessun)
2. Who Knew
Featuring MC Dialect
3. Rest In Peace
featuring C-Rayz Walz
4. Left Behind
featuring Charmingly Ghetto
5. Till We Meet Again (Central Parks Remix)
featuring DJ Grazzhoppa
6. Breathe (Maw- Remix)
7. Next Halloween
featuring Chel Strong
8. All I See
featuring K. Sparks
9. Devils Pie
featuring Fish Grease; Charmingly Ghetto
10. Reminisce (Chromadadata Remix)
featuring MC Dialect; Charmingly Ghetto; M-Dot; S.Dub
11. Thank You
featuring Mike Gerbino

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 07:28 AM

Why do I have that force tingle that this will blow up, love to hear that C-Rayz track, feel humbled to battle along side you now man, gonna have to get this.

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Posted 16 April 2014 - 03:54 PM

thanks for the kind words fam! i appreciate that

first preview up now!!

Es-K (Essential Knowledge) was born in Holland, raised in Kansas City Missouri, and currently lives in Burlington Vermont. You may know him from his Spontaneous Grooves series on Cold Busted. Serenity is his first album and features A.G. of D.I.T.C, General Steele, MC Dialect, C-Rayz Walz, Charmingly Ghetto, DJ Grazzhoppa, Central Parks, Maw-, Chel Strong, K. Sparks, Fish Grease, M-Dot, S.Dub, Chromadadata, and Mike Gerbino.

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Posted 16 April 2014 - 04:48 PM

Dope cover.

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Posted 25 April 2014 - 05:10 PM

thanks man, my father did the painting.

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