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Posted Today, 03:08 PM

Remember when Hot Shots: Part Deux had Saddam talking with a lisp? And with a bikini top tan-line? Those were the good ol' days.

You dusted that one off from the past.

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Posted Today, 03:14 PM

Seth seems like a cool dude not sure why they are friends.


Yeah I mean I think he's not very funny in movies but Seth seems like a nice enough dude in interviews and stuff

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Posted Today, 07:32 PM

I dunno. I say good riddance. It was an obvious desperate grasp for relevance using cheap controversy and shock value. What did they expect? Fucking with the craziest dictator in the world seemed like a good idea?? I think apatow is done for. He might have only gotten lucky in the first place. Talentless hack!


Apatow isn't attached to this film in any way; it's actually a film directed by Seth/Evan, written by Dan Sterling.  maybe it's just another generational thing, cause i'm a few years younger than most of you guys, but i don't really have any problems with Seth or Franco lol -- didn't realize how many people hated him on here.


but i think Rogen's track record is unprecedented, he just seems to involve himself with good film after good film.  i love that his films actually take risks -- but i mean, any comedic concept can become stale and dumb when you break it down so far...i think it's ballsy that they decided to fuck with a real dictator rather than take the safe way out like Sascha Baron-Cohen did with his bullshit dictator movie.


great comedies polarize their audiences, and this one damn near sparked a fucking war haha -- i think that's got to be some symbol of success on their part, regardless of whether or not you like it...

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Posted Today, 07:41 PM

Remember when Hot Shots: Part Deux had Saddam talking with a lisp? And with a bikini top tan-line? Those were the good ol' days.


Exactly. Now all of a sudden world leaders are above ridicule and satire. Fuck that shit.

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Posted Today, 07:58 PM

Steve Carell's production company was working on a North Korea film and they have now pulled out, halting production.

I suppose the difference between then and now tho is the internet and access to information.

On the other hand, can anyone see a North Korean commrade attacking an American movie theatre? Better safe than sorry I guess.

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