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TOOBxSOCKS: Top Secret Confidential feat. Vital

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:23 PM

aight...i been runnin round on rap boards for a minute now....and usually, theyre full of commercial pop music loving all attitude no skill emcee's who cant show love for somebody doing it from the heart, instead of to impress....this track got a lot of positive response regardless....BUT, im expecting it to be more liked here, than any of those other places, since this is stones throw, and full of underground heads....
so here we go:
TOOBxSOCKS: Top Secret Confidential feat. Vital


samples were all ripped from a cd i borrowed from the library...was a Twighlight Zone compilation disk....all the drums were just random chops from different records ive come across....except for the clap...i got no idea where i got the clap from....production was done using PSP Vintage Warmer, Cysonic Spectra Q, Waves IR-1 Convultion Reverb, URS Fulltec EQ, and Kjaerhus Classic Delay...

only negatives to the track in my opinion is the rhythm section couldve been a lil nicer....its pretty simple...and the instrument sample3s are kind of thin, due to the fact that they were recorded so long ago for twighlight zone.....

lemme know what yall think, and enjoy....and if you got something you want me to check out, leave a link and i got you...

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