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Posted 26 February 2007 - 09:40 AM

yes technically, but in actuality the sound is not gonna be different in both channels is it?

say if the record has a vocal panned to the left, and you sample it in mono so the vocal is now in the left AND right. then you resample it with a filter effect, in stereo, to another pad. you're telling me the vocal is only on the left again?

No, but if you sample it in mono and first resample it in stereo with start&end marked to loop it will. then you can apply the filter. (I personally don't like the filter effect, it drowns the sample out too much for my taste)

OR what I do is, I run the sample through my behringer board, pan and resample it that way. Of course the sound will get degraded, which is when you use the compressor in the 303, then isolater to mute the hiss, then eq to thicken the lows and mids over and over till I get it the way I want it. Me, when I make beats I purposely degrade the quality of the sample though cuz I like being able to just use it as an imaginary template as to what notes should be replayed on top, or so that the samples that follow cover it up.

it gives a nice contrast to the beat.

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