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SAMPLING from the nettz

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#1 krisso


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Posted 24 July 2011 - 09:24 AM

so...where do you guys(that sample)get your sounds(records/songs)? to chop up?


i think as of 2day i'm gonna cut loose of the vinyls...number 1 i don't go out and buy records,but have vinyl leftover from my parents youth(most of which are generally popular/well known sounds)

so i figured,instead of confining myself to sampling vinyl,that i've got at home,or get brought back from a relatives periodically ,i need to let go of the idea of "i'm sticking with vinyl cos some of my favourite hip hop artists do" bullshit and get my slice of what youtube has to offer...

pretty much any thing can be aquired...if the resource is there,use it....

don't get me wrong,you won't catch me sampling some shitty quality uploads...high grade only peoples


HOWEVER... if you're downloading shit loads of music off the net instead of buying the artist's album,i do not advocate PLEASE STOP and SUPPORT YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS



unless... you travel the 7 seas to aquire some obscure shit unknown to man(in the case of Madlib...nuff respect)


thoughts people?

thank you for reading(if you did)

#2 soulREBEL360

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Posted 24 July 2011 - 10:36 AM

blogspot pages are goldminds for digital digging, bruh

#3 The Wig Master

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 01:41 PM

your phrase 'confining yourself to vinyl' is the problem. i see it as liberating. digging at thrift stores is half the fun of making beats too

#4 P.E.L.T.


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Posted 25 July 2011 - 03:16 PM

Nothing beats crate digging and sampling straight off the vinyl, like Wig Master said thrift stores can have some real gems, on the low too.
But at the end of the day if you're working with high quality wav files or even higher end mp3s people aren't going to be able to tell the difference in the end result so whatever resources you got, use em!

#5 Grifty-Rodriguez

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 04:19 AM

theres no such thing as a high quality sound upload on youtube holmes.

#6 Skate603


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 05:13 AM

I get a decent bit of my samples from the internet, but recently I've been digging through the CD crates at my local Newbury Comics alot haha. I guess I'm somewhere in between. If it's gonna be impossible to get the music I wanna sample on CD, I'll get it from the internet, but I prefer having full albums in a tangible form so I like picking up 3 or 4 CDs when I have the money saved up.

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