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#222578 Madlib - Lucky guy samples?

Posted by SanCarlos on 06 April 2010 - 10:55 AM

Anyone i.d the samples / tracks used on Lucky guy Medicine show one please?

people need to stop jocking samples, keep diggin and maybe one day youull find it.
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#295628 Madlib: Madvillain Sequel Prob Won't Happen!

Posted by DJ Primate on 18 June 2013 - 11:35 AM

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#313513 Soulful lady looking fo beats ..

Posted by BroKing on 09 April 2014 - 07:24 AM

We need you banned until your brain works.

lol look at this white knight
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#304649 Why do people say fam ?

Posted by shakey finch on 13 November 2013 - 02:14 AM

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet?
Why did Judas, rat to Romans while Jesus slept?

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#326322 STBB 398

Posted by Constrobuz on 20 October 2014 - 09:03 AM

does having multiple samples bother anyone else? some of you newer guys probbably dont even remember a time when the battles had only 1 sample (and maybe a break, too). being able to pick from multiple samples kind of kills the competition for me. the best thing about having only sample is that it takes you out of your comfort zone, which usually results in good results because you can't just apply your formula to it, you have to get creative and work hard. if we get a dozen samples to choose from, naurally we're going to sample whatever we think is most dope, which makes it easier to make a beat.

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#325722 STBB 396 VOTE!

Posted by dopplereffectent on 09 October 2014 - 04:44 PM



good entries this week!


short list


la food- reverse new school love it


dwayne!- them vox tho!


sixfingahzzzz- majorly major!!!!


mike-a-veli- BEST INTRO EVER


slanteyez- yasssss that swing!


aktron- glitchy, smooth, killer drums, awesome work!


saadyah- the drums in the second part and the synth work were clutch!


morsecode- that laid back vibe was perfectttttttt


the winner this week was tough, but i really loved what PETE RANGE did with the electronic vibe. def should have some dope lyrics to grace this one.


thanks for the comments, votes, general awesomeness! this is a great place to get feedback and to improve.




a six finger bitch slap must hurt like hell. but i have something to add to the discussion about lack of interaction. soundcloud in general was originally intended for musicmakers to interact and collaborate with each other. forums like this one were intended to get those people all on the same page. it can be a tool to improve ONLY IF YOU USE IT CORRECTLY. as an instrumentalist and (so far) lifelong student of music, i find myself spending a lot of time LISTENING AND SHEDDING other peoples' music. you will never grow if you never explore music. I would never get better if it wasnt for me listening to cats like six, bmc, areou, etc freaking these beats and making them interesting. and you can tell from my first beat to the ones i've been posting lately that there is a LOT MORE MOVEMENT. its not an accident. i didnt wake up one day and say, "gee i should probably stop playing the same 4 bar lick for 3 minutes straight." through listening and seeing how other fellow producers flipped the same materials i had to work with, I grow. you wanna post beats and pump your stats, but dont want to interact and be a part of the thread? fine by me! i really dont mind! honestly! but i really feel bad for these kind of people, as they will have a VERY tough time growing as artists. ask ANY successful producer, they are shedding other people's music CONSTANTLY. just two cents that i might or might not have contributed.


ferran adria said himself (the god father of modern cuisine) in an interview with one of my old chefs that he spends about 80 percent of his time researching and learning, and 20 percent of the time actually cooking and working in the kitchen. and hes the john coltrane of cooking and was also the ONLY culinarian to be invited to documenta 12. food for thought.


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#311609 Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

Posted by James Frank. on 06 March 2014 - 10:39 PM

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Propane Piñata?
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#328054 Just Introducing Myself

Posted by James Frank. on 24 November 2014 - 09:27 PM

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#327589 STBB DISCUSSION regarding cleared samples

Posted by JJ on 15 November 2014 - 07:26 AM

To be clear, the winner should pick ANY sample they like.   Stones Throw is offering these tracks as sample sources as an option.  This beat battle has, and always should be run by the beat battle community.  Beyond hosting it, we would like to influence it as little as possible.  

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#327489 STBB 401 VOTE!!!

Posted by Robot Orchestra on 13 November 2014 - 02:56 PM



As most of you probably know, Stones Throw offered to provide us with cleared samples for #400, but due to the narrow time-frame between voting and the start of the next round, it didn't work out as planned.


Long story short: Jeff has sent me a bunch of cleared samples (37 to be exact) which I will pass on to this week's winner.


And sorry for clogging up the voting thread with this. just wanted to let you guys know what's up.

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#325582 Why was I banned?

Posted by Grifty-Rodriguez on 07 October 2014 - 07:56 PM


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#323295 STBB 390

Posted by Grifty-Rodriguez on 23 August 2014 - 12:40 PM

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#322999 Action Bronson, Easy Rider

Posted by mangoes cash on 20 August 2014 - 09:09 AM

I don't know if there is an Action Bronson thread, but this video is the best video I have seen since the 80s, Van Halen, Hot For Teacher shit.

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#321297 MF Doom is Overrated (not trolling)

Posted by DJ Primate on 25 July 2014 - 07:29 PM

Oh true. yeah I completely forgot about his lyrics. he's lyrics are far more creative than most rappers. But Flow wise I think dudes like Rakim or Krs-one have him beat by far. Also, there are hella rappers who don't talk about how dope they are like Q-tip, or posdnous. Personally I like de la soul, tribe or the pharcyde because I relate to them more than most rappers. Do y'all relate to the shit Doom says? cuz I just don't. if I did I'd prolly think he's a doper rapper.


If skill = relatability then you're going to have a hard time enjoying 99% of art. But that's besides the point. MF DOOM is not someone you relate to. He's an exaggerated persona, a character. A supervillain, modeled after Dr. Doom, There are bits of Daniel Dumile in MF DOOM (DOOM may have been born from Dumile's tough career in the music business), but they aren't the same person. In fact, Dumile works under a few different aliases (King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn to name a couple) with their own special quirks/aspects (although one can argue that Viktor Vaughn and MF DOOM are the same person, only that VV is a sort of 'prequel' to DOOM).


But as far as skill, I'd say that DOOM is damn near in a league of his own. His technical rhyme abilities are solid, but his most notable talent is his wit:


Some come in the form of codependence
A lot of times only end up being codefendants

Ten bucks say they tell for a lower sentence
And leave you up under the jail, begging for a penance

It don't make no sense, what happened to the loyalty?
Honor amongst crooks, trust amongst royalty

I'd rather go out in a blaze, than give 'em the glory

(How many of us have--) a similar story?

(Deep Fried Frendz)


Here we see DOOM's paranoia at it's peak; the codepedence/codefendants wordplay portrays DOOM's distrust for others, his belief that "friends" can only end up controlling you or betraying you, and his will to destroy himself in order to deny others the pleasure. It's really fantastic wordplay not only for rap, but poetry in general. You can really see the influence that Bukowski had on him here. As The Jackal said, a lot of DOOM's lyrics are often dense, and they require more reflection than usual to really "get". There are a lot of really straightforward DOOM lyrics out there, but they always come with a sort of sardonic flair to them, to the point where most of his songs/lyrics are nihilistic in their bleak portrayal of life in new york and society at large and the state of rap today.


Sorry for the wall of text. I'm a huge DOOM fan. His music has influenced me immensely. Great musician. I hope you eventually come to enjoy his music as much as I do.


Also you might want to do some fact-checking on your post there, Q-Tip and Posdnuos has definitely talked about how dope they are in their songs. Not that that's a bad thing, quite the opposite, actually. Rap was founded on talking about how dope you are. Rapper's Delight is basically 20 minutes of dudes talking about how dope they are.

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#318420 Madlib the Rock Konducta

Posted by SunnyMeadowz on 12 June 2014 - 11:24 AM

I just keep repeating the mantra, 'More money for The Madlib now means more releases from The Madlib down the road.'
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#317585 Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

Posted by DJ Primate on 29 May 2014 - 05:47 PM

This is for whoever requested someone make a pen & pixel style alt cover:




I have waaaaay too much time on my hands.

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#310895 7 Days of Funk video contest

Posted by django on 18 February 2014 - 04:15 PM

has anyone did anything for the contest? or seen some things you liked?

here's mine

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#309565 How do you promote yourself

Posted by SunnyMeadowz on 26 January 2014 - 10:58 AM

The biggest piece of advice is actually doing live performances and making a little name for yourself in your local scene and then keep expanding to other towns and cities around your own. As much as we'd all love to think the Internet is the end all of promotion it is not so. Social media is just one tool in the Batman like utility belt of promotion you need to have to become pretty succesful. If there are actual record stores in your area invest some money and press up a small quanity of physical releases and ask if they'll carry a few. Make posters promoting you and your release. Hit up any kind of bar/club that you think might even be one iota interested in hearing what you play. Shit, go to bars and clubs that you don't think would like your ahit and ask them to play. Go to shows of similar cats in your scene and get connected to them. I know you're just 16 but most places will try to make an exception to accomadate you to play there as long as they feel your shit and they like you personally. At the same time do your social media thing and stay active posting new stuff on a consistent basis for your followers. Keep your social media sites active, as in post at least once a day; whether its just a photo, a little snippet of something new, whatever. Keep your audience, no matter how limited it may be, engaged with you. And ask them to help promote you! That's where the Internet comes in handy. Social media helps you gain new listeners on the credibility and encouragement of your current listeners.

I spent the last two years doing all this stuff to the best of my abilities for a group I was working with. With all that hard work their finally getting to do shows at bigger venues and opening for international artists like Deltron. So trust me, I know a little bit what I'm talking about.

Oh, and most importantly...GET DOPE ART! You can only make a first impression once. I worked with fellow STMBer LuvBunz for my material and logo designs and I know there are other cats here that do artwork.

Use STMB! We have a very supportive community on this corner of the Internet so don't be afraid to ask all of us for help like you're currently doing.

And this is directed to you personally Tastik. If you are even contemplating a name change don't hesitate to do it just because you already have a certain URL. There is plenty of space on the information superhighway for you to make new sites any day you want. I recently changed my name and have to go through the same process of getting new social media, logos, website, all that. Just make sure you tell you're current followers where to find you if you do switch it up.
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#305028 DOOM Interview Database

Posted by SwampThing on 18 November 2013 - 09:34 PM

So bear with me guys, (just let this slide down the thread list if you have no use for it right now) but this is something assembled over various free moments for a while, and I just got inspired to finish it up. Thought it would be nice to have a spot to collect/catalogue all the DOOM interviews from over the years. I know I personally go back every now and again to re-read the more interesting ones, so having a place to deposit them is only natural. If anyone has anything to add to this list, hit me with it and I'll update, otherwise peruse and enjoy at your leisure. So here we go, 20+ years of DOOM interviews, some transcribed, some on their original sites, some excerpts from print, others audio or video interviews:

1. ??? 1990 - Dee Barnes interviews KMD (ON CAMERA!) for a segment of Pump It Up! sometime after the release of "Peach Fuzz" but before Mr. Hood. This 2 minutes might be the most you'll ever hear from Onyx the Birthstone Kid outside of a KMD album.

2. Oct. 1991 - Zev Love X is interviewed about KMD and the recently released Mr. Hood by Hip Hop Connection Magazine


3. 1994 - Zev Love X talks with 4080 about Black Bastards, drinks a 40, smokes a cig and rolls a blunt while revealing stories behind tracks like Contact Blitt in this short interview

4. June 1994 - In a feature written before the album was shelved but published afterwards, Zev speaks on Subroc's death and the (soon-to-be-aborted) release of Black Bastards with The Source. In the same issue, Jon Shecter writes a piece about the "Corporate Hysteria" surrounding the release cancellation and gets some words from a pissed-off Zev (get out your reading glasses or zoom in for that one)

5. Jan. 1998 - Pre-Doomsday interview with Ego Trip. First(?) with new, improved MF DOOM persona

6. Dec. 1999 - Right around the release of Operation: Doomsday, MF speaks with Life Sucks Die Magazine

7. Oct. 2000 - MF talks with UKHH.com about the upcoming, long-delayed release of Black Bastards

8. Feb. 2001 - Hip-Hop Worldwide interviews MF about Operation:Doomsday, the newly minted Metalface Records, and the potential for a MIC album

9. Feb. 2001 - Urban Smarts seems confused by the new persona, asks mainly about KMD

10. April 2001 (+ Part II) - Allhiphop.com interviews MF bout KMD, MF Grimm, "Tick, Tick...", Subroc and more

11. June 2001 - Review/recap from NY Press, with some interesting interview tidbits thrown in

12. April 2002 - MV Remix asks about weed, Grimm, Vik Vaughn speculations, and the first inklings of online piracy/leaking

13. June 2003 - King Geedorah gets interviewed about Take Me To Your Leader by Prefix

14. July 2003 - The Pheonix New Times goes over Take Me To Your Leader, Vaudeville Villain, and MF speaks on his process as a creator. MF makes the interviewer hang up and call back to talk to Viktor Vaughn

15. Aug. 2003 - Urban Smarts gets more in-depth this time around, talks about his mythology, beefs, process

16. Oct. 2003 - DOOM on NPR. Audio interview following the success of Vaudeville Villain, 8 min.

17. Oct. 2003 - Interview/recap of his recent releases by Exclaim.ca, in anticipation for FOOD/Madvillain

18. Jan. 2004 - XLR8R discusses DOOM's various identities and the villain teases a (still mysterious) KMD comeback album entitled "Mentally Ill" (scroll to PG. 48)

19. Feb. 2004 - Madvillain interviewed for Wax Poetics #8 by Egon (via ST.com)

20. Mar. 2004 - Madvillain covered/interviewed for SF Weekly (via ST.com)

21. Apr. 2004 - Madvillain is glowingly and artfully profiled by The New Yorker, the biggest press either man had received to date, further extending the reach of DOOM's evil empire (via ST.com)

22. May 2004 - Nice and long pre-MM..FOOD interview with No Ripcord

23. June 2004 - Jockey Slut (UK mag) asks MF about his influences and mythology

24. June 2004 - "Confessions of a Mask" MV interview with Hip Hop Connection (via ST.com)

25. Aug. 2004 - Video interview filmed for Canada's MuchMusic, featuring Egon interviewing Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib & DOOM digging for records in Toronto during the MV/Jaylib tour

26. Nov. 2004 - In Oakland-based East Bay Express DOOM muses on his alter-egos' personalities, the ongoing nature of Operation: Doomsday ("the rebuilding of hip-hop culture"), ominously admits to being in the crib talking to our seeds

27. Dec. 2004 - "Imminent Doom" Spin Magazine gets personal with DOOM as he puts the finishing touches on MM..FOOD in Atlanta (there's even a quote from his wife, Jasmine!)

28. Mar. 2005 - "Mask of Sorrow" (excerpt of a) Wired cover story on the villain's prolific rise to power (via ST.com)

29. Mar. 2005 - An older interview in Impose Magazine, from in between the releases of Vaudeville Villain and Madvillainy, posted online after MV came out. Got some nice, long answers from MF

30. Sept. 2005 - "Behind the Mask of a Villain PT I", the first part of a fun and eclectic 3-part interview for Loosie.com focussing on Dangerdoom and a bunch of funny, random stuff

31. Oct. 2005 - BBC Collective covers Dangerdoom, grabs a few quotes

32. Oct. 2005 - "Behind the Mask of a Villain PT II" (see above) MF DOOM on Dr. Zizmor, the forthcoming LP with Ghostface and Noam Chomsky-style guerrilla marketing

33. Oct. 2005 - Dangermouse and MF DOOM interviewed together by Epitaph.com

34. Oct. 2005 - The infamous Mass Appeal interview with Ghostface/DOOM about their "upcoming" release, origin of 25 million tears of frustration

35. Nov. 2005 - "Behind the Mask of a Villain PT III" (see above) MF DOOM explains why he doesn't need no hooks

36. July 2006 - MF talks with UKHH about July 4th and his new/upcoming projects in the Occult Hymn-era

37. Aug. 2007 - Not a DOOM interview, the first instance of fan outcry. A San Franciscan who attended a DOOM show at local venue The Independent was so outraged by what he determined to be a lightweight lip-synching body-double, he took to the internet. Whether it was baseless slander or justified indignity may never be known, but such was his fury that he wrote to DOOM's labels, various music websites, and plastered his story on any forum that would listen, kicking off the controversial DOOMpostor saga

38. Aug. 2007 - The Village Voice discusses the DOOMpostor phenomenon as it is just ramping up, and reprints a hilarious letter sent from DOOM to the readers of Elemental Magazine after sending Big Benn Klingon to do a photo shoot wearing the mask in 2005, in what might be the first instance of an impostor. He allegedly did the same thing to Scratch magazine that year

39. Sept. 2007 - Not a DOOM interview either (2007 was a dry-spell), Billboard reports on Stones Throw defending DOOM's rep in the light of the first DOOMpostor rumors

40. Dec. 2007 - Archived audio interview (probably from mid-late 2000), a stoned-sounding DOOM gets questioned by Elliott Wilson for 4080 Magazine, covers the KMD stuff in light of the recently released Black Bastards. EDIT: this might be the very interview that spawned the article written by Elliot Wilson (#3), but the quotes are all different...

41. Nov. 2008 - DOOM talks with Wax Poetics (issue 31) in anticipation of his upcoming, as-of-yet untitled new album (Born Like This), denies allegations of DOOMpostors (sort of)

42. Dec. 2008 - Villain.

43. Mar. 2009 - "Everything we do is villain style." DOOM talks with Rolling Stone about the recently christened Born Like This, finally fesses up to DOOMpostors (but does not apologize)

44. Mar. 2009 - Interview in the Village Voice about Born Like This and his metallic sense of humor

45. Mar. 2009 - Clash catches up with DOOM with a few Q&A's, including his thoughts on using Dilla's material for the new album

46. Mar. 2009 - Creative Loafing Atlanta is escorted to DOOM's enclave and checks in about Born Like This, apparently back when "Batty Boys" was called "Costume Foolery"

47. April 2009 - In the wake of Born Like This, DOOM talks to XXL in a feature interview, claims to be writing a series of children's books and a book on Unified Field Theory

48. April 2009 - "DOOM: Shadows on the Sun" HipHop DX manages to pull out one of my favorite interviews with the man. Lengthy and in-depth stuff. The villain claims the sequel to Madvillainy is 2 months from completion.

49. April 2009 - thestoolpigeon.co.uk discusses his career and his creative process after Born Like This

50. May 2009 - "Impending DOOM" URB chats with DOOM about Born Like This and more, he explains "Angelz", claims DOOMSTARKS is pretty much done

51. Aug. 2009 - Archived VIDEO interview (probably from summer 2006) from the pilot of an internet show called "The Liberator Show", with footage culled from a local-TV show produced in Santa Barbara by T Stone. Seems like it was recorded right after the All Caps video came out, DOOM hits on highlights from his career up to that point. Always interesting to actually see the villain man interviewed live. 5.5 min

52. Sep. 2009 -The New Yorker profiles DOOM (via ST.com). Only an excerpt, but I remember picking this up and the full-length was a great read. DOOM reflects on the recently released Born Like This and discusses a new Madvillain track featuring a 911 call about a certain very disturbed chimp. If you happen to have a New Yorker subscription check it out online, otherwise find a highbrow hoarder cause it's a good one

53. Jan. 2010 - Toronto's Eye Weekly profiles the villain, including a separate email interview with cryptic answers to questions sent in by readers (transcript found here)

54. Nov. 2011 - VIDEO. Red Bull Lecture in Madrid. When it's not amazing it's at times frustratingly repetitive of the previous interviews, but still remains the most lengthy interview from DOOM to date and is worth the watch for that alone. Chairman Mao spins DOOM cuts spanning his whole career as MF nods along, and asks chronological questions in between. If you feel like reading instead, here's the TRANSCRIPT

55. May 2012 - Photo of the article's as good as it seems to get with this one. Q Magazine finally picks up the DOOM story for us and explains the strange silence from the man: He's been deported! DOOM discusses life in the UK and the upcoming Key to the Kuffs, claims to be "done with the United States."

56. Aug. 2012 - DOOM speaks with The Guardian about Key to the Kuffs and what the DOOM character's thinking these days

57. Aug. 2012 - SPIN gets some DOOM quotes on London living, his upbringing, and a pool party at Nas's house

58. Aug. 2012 - Factmag speaks with the man about KTTK, skits, and more

59. Aug. 2012 - Respect claims an "exclusive" feature, but really it's just another riff on all the other KTTK-era promotional interviews.

60. Sep. 2012 - The trend continues with this brief interview by Alex Denny in London. DOOM does however angrily threaten to unleash his robots upon the UK and EU.

61. Sep. 2012 - HipHopDX catches up with DOOM again, refreshingly discusses things other than Key to the Kuffs (like what a great freestyler Nas is and more promises of an imminent new Madvillain record)

62. Sep. 2012 - AUDIO. DOOM invades BBC 1XTRA with Benji B for another one of my personal favorite MF interviews, Benji as usual brings out an on-point, thoughtful DOOM. 30 min

63. Sep. 2012 - Time Out London conducts a short but sweet interview with the villain

64. Oct. 2012 - VIDEO interview sponsored by adidas (for some reason), featuring DOOM getting back in touch with his graffiti roots around London, buying paint and putting up a few tags

65. Dec. 2012 - Bonafide Magazine does a spread on DOOM, misspells Richard Pryor's name

66. Mar. 2012 - Intersection Magazine has got DOOM reviewing RC cars, and apparently an interview (excerpt via ST.com). I ain't ever read it, can't seem to find it anywhere, if anyone finds a transcript hit me with it

67. Apr. 2013 - Archived interview from FRANK151 (probably from '99), discussing imminent DOOMsday, the difference between producing, MCing, and DJing, and the origins of the name Zev Love X. For those who haven't, you've gotta buy the DOOM/Frank book (Chapter 48) on ebay or somethin' for access to that 2012 interview and all the other great stuff in there

68. Apr. 2013 - A chance-encounter interview at a hotel bar by Mpho Moshe Matheolane for South Africa's Mail & Guardian, during the Cape Town Jazz Festival, where the villain appeared as Robert Glasper's special guest.

69. Oct. 2013 - XXL gets DOOM to give some disappointingly brief anecdotes about his "10 best verses" (clearly chosen by XXL rather than the man himself)

70. Feb. 2014 - (VIDEO) DOOM and Bishop Nehru are interviewed by XXL regarding their upcoming project NehruvianDOOM, DOOM hypes us up for an "informative piece", praises Nehru as a young master. 3.2 min


71. Mar. 2014 Crack Magazine does a retrospective/interview in anticipation of NehruvianDOOM. "Verifying rumours of eccentricity, his camouflage bucket hat appears to have artificial leaves attached to it."

Jesus I was expecting there to be less, from what I remembered. Anyway hope you guys enjoy and use this as a resource. Maybe I'll do one for Madlib next if there's any demand for it.

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#250028 Is it me, or does Mayer Hawthorne suck now?

Posted by cassetto on 06 January 2011 - 06:50 PM

Was he ever good to begin with?
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