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Muzik Macks

Mid Point Music/Decent Participant Productions

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Im not really out to prove anything, and I know im not the new hot shit or whatever, making beats is just a big part of my life.

I do have two EPs in the works tho that will be comming in '07 with NY MC named Pure-L (who also DJs under the same name) which is called "Pure Participant" and with Bay Area MC named A Brother Named George aka EMC which is called "HighResolutionGraphicLanguage"

The Pure L project is going to be free download I believe, and im not sure what EMC is planning, im just producin the albums on my free time.

some of my beats are on the links in my sig if you want to check em out. some of the soundclick tracks were made when i still didnt know quite what I was doing, but yeah, I love doin it

check em out if you are bored, but Im not trying to spam yall with some "BUY MY SHIT" lol

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