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Any wine drinkers?

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Yes, fine wine is a great think, just beginning to explore the wine world so I can only tell that I really like spanish and italian red wines and german white wines. French wines were to expensive for me so far.

Who is interested, this is a great manga about wines: Drops of God:



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haha, yeayah Proj' !

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so, what have you guys heard about wine being a possible contributor to the exasperation of asthma-like symptoms in those with respiratory issues such as myself? my mom and aunt both say they feel weighed down on their chests after they drink wine, idk if the same will happen to me but as i mentioned earlier in the thread i had to completely stop vaporizing herb cold turkey back in July because my breathing was starting to get so bad.

i can imagine some of it is diet and exercise--and i'm sure a lot of it was due to me using a cheaply made VaporGenie that never seemed to do a decent job of keeping debris from flying into my trachea and just congealing in my alveoli...they say that vaporizing is better than smoking, but that's assuming the filter is actually filtering lol--even with a waterpipe i was still inhaling solid matter multiple times per day. but long story short i've put my habits on hiatus for the next several months so that i can 1) find a higher-quality vaporizing mechanism, 2) let my lungs heal and hopefully reach some semblance of normalcy, and 3) wait until it's officially legal in my state and i can literally just walk down to the dispensary and buy a quarter-oz. whenever...

so anyway, back to the subject, i was wondering if these symptoms i have would be aggravated by drinking wine. i seem to do fine with beer, but idk if it'll be the same with wine. any thoughts?

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