for fans of the sp 12 & sp1200. i am selling a roland sampler/workstation

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for sale:

roland JS 30 sampler/workstation. this shit is SO fucking raw. you already know how the sp 12 and sp 1200 sounds. gritty, grimey. and you already know a good sp is going to cost you $900-$1000, and that shit only has like 10-12 seconds of sample memory. fuck that! the roland js 30 has 90+ seconds of gritty ass sample time. so you can sample your drums in the js 30, and then send them to your MPC, your keyboard, or your computer, and then chop them up. thats over a minute and a half of that sp 1200 sound. PLUS, i've got a stand alone hard drive and scsi cable that i'm including with the js 30. selling the package for $180.00.

send me a private message if you are interested.


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