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Michael Brown | Ferguson Missouri

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I hate statistics -- b/c of how easily people are moved by them, yet they're often empty and skewed proclamations - - but it's great to see a Fox news anchor speaking some real shit. The race issue in America is exasperated by economics and hardly just a matter of social construct(s) -- more people should know that. I thought Sun Ra's 'Space Is The Place' depicted this wonderfully. This lady spoke briefly about Al Sharpton - - I don't trust this man either.

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I'm really glad that this whole Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri incident has been fully resolved, and there are no lingering racial issues anywhere in the ole U S of A any longer, no sir.

wait what

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Jackie/Spooky please stop! The wool is off our eyes on this.......

1. the owner on tape of the convenient store is stating he doesn't even think that it was Brown

2. If it's a robbery; why weren't police called to the scene? This video is clearly an attempt to make Wilson's actions seem justified



Darren Wilson as a rookie along with the rest of the Ferguson police were fired because of racial neighborhood tension and they rebuild the department adding 53 black officers


i also don't appreciate being called names like "spooky". my intentions are not to be ominous but present a case which i believe is true to the accounts we are debating.

i haven't followed this case since my last statements due to work and other obligations. i will review the case and (maybe) comment i if see it necessary. in the mean time, i disagree with you too


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