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Make sure to keep in mind The Roots theme for this week when choosing your winner!

Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize:

BIG lettering,

BOLD fonts,


#1: Everybody gets ONLY ONE VOTE!!

#2: Do not vote for yourself;

#3: Vote!

Voting kind of ends Friday @ 11:59, ET (Pacific Time)



If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE

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The-Jackal ..... Sound just so fat and crispy, incorporated a lot of different roots songs. The Rahzel skit at the end... Winner!

Perrinoid.. smooth. I actually enjoyed most of the beats that used ‘dont say nuthin’... underrated track IMO

Yabba... sick melody with all the keys sampled

Rio Dabeatbenda... such a smooth beat, went so well with Black Thought’s verse

Noodlefingers.... tempo changes were sweet, gave the pretty simple beat an extra flavour

Breakmasta Cylinder... the bass going so well with the samples, they were meant for each other

Billinski... would never have thought to sample drums from one of ?’s red bull lectures (I think?)

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Hey everyone!

Once again, great week! A lot of good stuff! Scottie and MUMA made some pretty fun rules, but it was pretty challenging not gonna lie

Big up to everyone who took the time to listen to my track! Really really appreciate it! :)

Some of my favorites were (no order):




Mr. Liongrip

Scottie Royal x MUMA


Kzee Beatz

But personally couldn't stop groovin to


it just had nice vybz, nice flip and well mixed... There were a lot of really good ones, but this one just has been in my head, nice work!

Thanks again everyone, peace!

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Some great beats, it's been a treat listening this week.

My vote goes to 5XVT.

​Really impressed with the turntable skills and sample choice and execution.

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what a fun week! tribute to the roots was proper. ive seen them live twice once in my birthplace of detroit and again in my mothers birth place where i lived for a while in new orleans

too good on stage they play for like 2 hours and they play everything

so much dope material this week yall, a few favs in no particular order

viisnimest that groove with the bass n synths! yoyo

YABBA how he used those horns from Act Too and stretched that ish out! and the chopss+drums fresh

fivepee slow burner yet so hype n laxed at the same time. vibes yo and i love the cutssss!

Perrinoid//// always delivering original flavors. lofi bass flyness, with those variations coming in

FRIS in orbit

Scottie Royal X MUMA. yall already know!

Miles_Haley good vibes real classy

tuff luv a swing to be envious of!

turquoise crown the feels

Good.F.NeLLa#Peace$jaak man am i glad u got the maschine! you workin that piece

NikLaze vibin steady! sik bass

MNSTRMKK so good mayne! high qual


thats the jam!

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enjoyd this week liked a lotta shit (yall know who you are

only thing that was enoying is that i heard a lot of same roots vocals,say what

but other than that tip top week

vote goes to

OskarronWax(yall sleepin on this guy)

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Lots of good ones. Here are the ones I LOVED (I aint gay)

Fivepee- God damn. The way he used the samples was great.

Drunken Master 2- If there's one thing I like as much as chill, sunny shit, it's Eastern-inspired shit. Well done.

Soul Jutsu- Great transitions, and the beat evolved tremendously. And you know I love laid back stuff like that.

Slanteyez- So diverse, and dope the whole way through. Nicely done.

Scottie Royal/Muma- Best collab beat I've heard. Well, only collab beat I've heard. But this shit is dope af.

Oskarr On Wax- Great vocal chops and drums

Jamal Randolph- Am I high right now? This shit is intoxicating.

jnKtion- Never heard anything like this before. It's cool.

...Yon...-Grimiest Beat Battle beat I've ever heard.

But I liked this one a bit more than the rest. Mellow Youth- Mellow indeed. I love this joint. You get my vote, man.

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Lots of great flips this week, thank you all for making this a great week!!! Thanks for everyone that submitted and went ham on the those Roots samples, really enjoyed listening to them all. Here are my favorites.

Clifford Novey:

(love what you did with the sample here)

Drunken Master: https://soundcloud.com/drunkenmaster2/stbb-377wav (crazy atmospheric vibes)

The Jackal: https://soundcloud.com/thejackal2011/grind-stbb-377 (pure dopeness)


(Great stuff here, didn't expect anyone to use stuff from the Legend album)

tuff luv: https://soundcloud.com/tuffluv/roots-bump-stbb-377 (Drums are too crisp!!!)


(really nice vibes here! Liked the drums you used)

Banizzz: https://soundcloud.com/banizzz/377-banizzz-the-roots-rules (great remix, love the guitar chops!)


(really liked Light House slooowed down)


(drums are great, love the use of DIN DA DA)

Liongrip: https://soundcloud.com/mrliongrip/rootscrewcarousel (great flip on the drums, like that synth bass!)

Mason James: https://soundcloud.com/masonl/stbb377 (Loved the used of Step Into The Realm, that bass!)


(crazy drumming on this)


(Creative craziness again! The synths are so on point)


(Two great beats, love the outro one though so Roots.)

KZEE: https://soundcloud.com/kzeebeatz/visionary-stbb377 (Loved the use of Light house)


(great chops and cuts, drums go hard)

saadyah:https://soundcloud.com/saadyahtzvi/rhythm-life-stbb-377 (like the different Roots elements throughout)


(for the crazy WATER outro style, trippy stuff)

My winner...really hard to say!

I have to go with PERRINOID (Loved those 12 bit rhodes and the Roots elements were on point!)

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2. Break Master Cylinder

1! Perrinoid!

Sorry for lack of bolds and colors. Mobile post.

Congrats to everyone this week, pretty sure I enjoyed listening to every single track this round. Good job/s!


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dope week.

a few to mention, but not limited to:

muma and scottie - best production/sound quality/mastering/loudness - what are y'all using?

gpbear - interesting

MNSTRMKK - solid

saadyah - i was born in detroit too

jnktion - way to mix it up

billinski - dope

drunken master - love it

fivepee - dope

breakmaster - my girl's fav


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Sorry on mobile

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Awesome Week people! great challenge idea! too too many good ones this week!

scottie royal billlinski! pauper

thilonious banizzz defmute

t.r.a.c.t.s clifford novey waltz taler

....so many more but i gotta go with viisnimest

ps: big ups to all, i love this group!

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such a good week... I mean a roots week had to be.... all love for the fam.... thanks for the listens and comments as always

liked a whole lot of them.....

my vote:


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Wow, my favourite week so far!

I've just finished listening to the huuuge playlist of flips this week on SC... I've loved pretty much every one so I'll just give my top five:

Scottie / Muma - Such a polished track, loved the bass!

DrunkenMaster - Always liked his flips, style of his own
fivepee - drums, rhodes, cuts - love it all

Perrinoid - Just a great flip!

Soul-Jutsu - A great all round track, roots flavour that transformed throughout.

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Roots inspiration works wonders. Thank you Scottie and MUMA for this dope dope week.

Some of own personal taste favourites:


The Jackal: https://soundcloud.com/thejackal2011/grind-stbb-377


MNSTRMKK: https://soundcloud.com/monsterimakke/essaywhat

turquoise crown: https://soundcloud.com/turquoisecrown/st377

Tuff choice indeed. gonna go with

tuff luv: https://soundcloud.com/tuffluv/roots-bump-stbb-377

Thank yall for the listens and comments.


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Great week, it's always inspiring to see this forum flip a concept and make it their own.

Many dope beats, among my favorites (in no peticular order) :




Breakmaster Cylinder

Scottie Royal & MUMA





defMute got it this week!

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I'm so surprised more people aren't talking about Banizzz

#2 Slanteyez

The Jackal

tuff luv

Cardboard Stapler

Mellow Youth

ManBot 2000

Scottie Royal x MUMA

Turquoise Crown


Mason James

Billinski for that excellent brain division


Mr Liongrip


AreouTheAstronaut cause nothing else sounded like that this week


GOOD MAMA cause that went a weird direction

Noodlefingers for pulling it together after a discouraging week last time

Drunken Master

way to go Hungryman for still finding a way to make a beat when his gear's down.

Sorry I just don't have enough time to get all detailed and comment on everyone's excellent adventures.

See you next week!

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Chyyyeaaah !!! great week again a lot a smooth tune

DRUNKEN MASTA 2 that's was amazing textures !!!!

some much luv for the collab MUMAxSCOTTIE ROYAL not easy to make a battle in collab !!!

But my vote goes to

MNSTRMKK cause this beat make my bounce !!!!!!

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