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Stones Throw Beat Battles - Mixtape - Vol 2

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so many new producers this year putting in a ton of work. it would suck for these to be lost/forgotten, so im doing this again!

same deal as last round; one winning beat per person.
tried to add some extra skits here and there, .hope its not too bad

didnt get to put everyone in there and some i was hoping to had taken their beats down. But, still a good compilation of everything that went down in the battles!

.......apologies for my shitty mixing :)

1) insDrumental - Guilty Simpson Vs. The Loving Apes
2) djdantuf - Dt Sampler
3) t∆ntrå - mksme|sck
4) b❍Ƞucci - onthemp pt.1
5) B.Leaf one - Get da grove'n Beat
6) ,,,J0ndis - 301 episodes
7) BEN BADA BOOM - Gee Ode
8) GHprodu - Do It
9) DJSapien - Ability
10) b❍Ƞucci - onthemp pt.2
11) S. F. T - The Girl From Onehunga
12 )Zexual - Love in Manila
13) Meerdat - Tell Me a Fairytale
14) MatMel - World Looking In (Morcheeba Remix)
15) Areou - Do
16) turquoise crown - .LIGHT.BODY.
17) beatfux - better
18) Shatter Hands - Untitled Beat
19) lucien lu - Mo Betta Blues
20) JA:KOVA - One 4 Hampton
21) GoodWilL Beats - Untitled Beat
22) Heavy Drama - Special Ed
23) OSØ - Lone Liness
24) Scriz - Untitled Beat
25) J Sense - You Love Myself
26) peet. - Venus
27) arX - The Impressions - So Unusual (Remix)
28) Filozway - So it is what it is
29) .Robot Orchestra. - Live Broadcast
30) KommerzKlaus - Remy Bonjasky
31) djerratic - Cosmic Lust
32) TheEnginear - The Boro
33) LinkRust - sonny bwoy
34) seizebeats - Ballata
35) enzoeyeris - you better put that WORK in
36) MellowYouth - DragonsFunk
37) Saint Rock - You and Me (IDGAF Base Mix #2)
*) The State - Forever

Thanks for stopping by !

STBB FAQ - Stones Throw Beat Battles FAQ
STBB Archive - Stones Throw Beat Battles WordPress

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