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Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask the other producers here about their experiences with the Korg Nanopad2, if any have tried it out. I got it for xmas as a present, but I've had one hell of a time trying to get it to work. Now I'm already familiar with the many mixed reviews about this piece of equipment- I'm aware that I shouldn't be expecting much from a controller that cost as much as an Xbox 360 game...but when I first plugged it in, it actually was working fine. I hastily went to download drivers from the Korg site before reading the manual, and thought I might have downloaded the wrong ones so I completely uninstalled and re-installed what turned out to be the EXACT same drivers from the same site.

But now, whenever I plug it in, it's stuck in this weird limbo where it's being powered on by my laptop- but just won't show up in my DAW no matter wtf i do, it's ridiculous. I work on FL Studio primarily as of right now, so maybe it's the program at fault...and I've also read about how some of these models just had non-responsive pads right out the box. But I know for a fact that this was working beforehand because I was messing around with it and trying to figure it out right when I first plugged it in- so I know the pads were working just fine. The X-Y pad was confusing, as well as the whole process of mapping out sounds (which I still haven't figured out yet) to each pad- which is why I downloaded the drivers/software that ended up making this piece of shit non-functionally operational, if that even makes sense lol.

So I'm asking anyone out there with similar issues or insight to help me out on this one...I need to figure out if there's something I need to do or if it just needs to be boxed up and returned. Peace.

-James Frankenstein

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Hey, I have the normal nanopad but I think the problems stay the same.

I noticed that FL Studio will find the nanopad if you plug it in before you start up FL. If you plug it in after you started FL studio you'll have to rescan for MIDI devices.

And the mapping is screwed up. I can't make the top left pad work in a drum module, but it does work in the piano roll and also in Ableton.

And for the non responsive pads, if you ever experience this, just open the pad up. You'll notice there's this plastic layer on the backside of the pads, if air gets underneath they get less responsive (which will happen if you use it often). If you remove it and put it back this will solve your problem. I had to do this once like one year ago, pads have been responding well since then.

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thanks for the response!

yeah, the thing is- i've tried rescanning MIDI devices over and over again in FL Studio. when i had first opened it and plugged it in right out the box, it was working and showing up in FL just fine. but after downloading these drivers, it won't even show up as a selectable device anywhere- despite the fact that i can still go into my control panel and see it displayed as an audio device that i have plugged in, it's fucking madness!!!!! haha, and i'm just about at the point of giving up and sending it back. i wanted to try and contact KORG about this, but i can't navigate their site well enough to even find a form to do that. hopefully i can figure something out though...thanks again for the help.

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