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for sale on ebay: fashion for guys: clothes/shoes/hats

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i'm broke as fuck and have to get money quick. so i'm selling a bunch of fly shit on ebay. i do fashion design for my day job, so i've got a pretty fresh taste in clothing and styles. i am selling designer cologne, designer shoes, designer clothes, a vestax mixer, dvds, a couple of kangols, dolce and gabbana sun glasses with the purple lenses... shit... anyway, here are some links. once you view one of the ebay auctions, you can just click on the "view seller's other items" link toward the upper right hand corner of the page. if worse comes to worse, which it might, i will be listing cd's and vinyl soon too. and maybe even try to sell a few beats, which is fucking impossible, even tho i got some heat shit.

couple links:




***again, check out all my other shit too. so far i've got 23 things up for sale. the kid needs money.


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i also have these DVD's that i'm going to be selling, some classics:


freestyle $10

scratch $10

style wars $9

enter the dragon $4

return of the dragon $4

outkast the videos $10

outkast undiscovered $10

'ray' (ray charles movie) $4

souls of mischief 'the motion picture' $10

the twilight zone dvd collection, 2 discs $8


a mpc2000xl beat making video on VHS $12

LOOTPACK da packumentary on VHS $16 (classic shit...)

anybody interested in these movies, let me know whats good

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